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Ash Armor Beach

computer christopher christopher on view at emerson college in boston ash used giroux straus and marrow of gesture the house the sonnets for beaches everywhere used giroux as ash started used giroux started used giroux straus and marrow of gesture of light of marrowbone of… Read More

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The Collected Poems of Capita Mortua

Wikipedia Poem, No. 761 the seniors in chang-tan park and the seniors in he-yang low-waged war and sparse reliable force since li he served languish even working peach-blossom steady erosion of state and sparse protest comfortable forces in peach-blossom anxiety and sparse reliable for peach-blossom… Read More

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“Charles Bernstein”

  Charles Bernstein, Here is my litany, How does it compare To yours? Not a thing, But an original tense, Unknown to word, sound Or light—the carefully pent Birthday present Approximately the size of a bowling ball And the weight of a human heart As you… Read More