The Collected Poems of Capita Mortua

Wikipedia Poem, No. 761


the seniors in 
   chang-tan park and 
  the seniors in he-yang 
         low-waged war and sparse reliable force since li he 
         served languish 
peach-blossom steady erosion of state 
and sparse 
forces in peach-blossom anxiety 
and sparse 
        for peach-blossom ranks of thot of complaints peach-blossom 
li he was surprised 
    the old 
man's teach blossoms the way 
li he was surprised those in factory towns 
surprised tears investing complaints in peach-blossoms 
         golden hairpins work the peach-blossom way 
      li he was 
no less than ammunition
of abuse those 
         unlucky thursdays 

we are 
of a
and fashionable
carriages rumbling
in ornate patterns 
of yellow twilight

Source: Cohen, Patricia, and Robert Gebeloff. “Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class.” The New York Times, 22 Apr. 2018. Web.

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