Callidity Crush Humble

Wikipedia Poem, No. 760


callidity  crush humble            pretty cool interviews     mr pruitt’s politicians callidity crush humble pretty  cool to hear he wanted to move away dislocation  lobbyist marsha lindsey callidity was nearing at least    one other and antique rugs state salary of an influential telecommunications            lobbyist who was stunning soon mr pruitt was erupting inside scott pruitt stunning       soon mr pruitt even bought ms lindsey callidity was stunning soon mr pruitt  — who was in dislocation —    city home  influential telecommunications lobbyist marsha lindsey callidity was a state capitol said that after    dislocation oklahoma city home of an influence


Source: Eder, Steve, and Hiroko Tabuchi. “Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money.” The New York Times, 21 Apr. 2018. Web.

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