In the Oval Office

Wikipedia Poem, No. 858

thought now 
he might live now 
he might 
he just don’t look at this, jared really had power 
so the liberals raise up his hero’s journey right now 

he might now 
he just might now he   
might have thought now live right now 
though he might live for the liberals imprisoned 
him on his hero’s journey right now 

he might wow he might just live now 
he might flex on his hero’s journey right his soul 
just channeled it looks so good we don’t look that good
we don’t look good we wine drown and don’t look good
we don’t look at this, jared, really, they started appreciating this fine wine   

wine whine wine whine
he thought clever now 
he might be mighty now he might 
now just for a moment he might live now
for there’s a fine wine to be found how

it has complex notes to improve on 
because he don’t look at this, jared, really had power 
so, they started doing what they started doing
each fleck of shame is remarkably unremarkable 
triceps flexed against the entitled white wall


Source: Vucci, Evan. “Kanye West, in ‘MAGA’ Hat, Delivers Surreal Oval Office Show.” Associated Press, 11 Oct. 2018,

Never Say Seems To Be


In promotional materials,
as in any great poem,
never say seems to be.

Of the White Whale estimating
to the EPA for individual states
draft the rising tide
plunge California into returns
promiscuous and staunch critics—
climb into the climate disaster within.

Little didactic poet,
sit up straight, don’t
say swift accountant.

Onto climate we could plunge California
and more than 30 percent of the EPA
for the next 25 degrees worth of years, she states
A plan to standardize individuals from the White Whale
estimate the plunge California return
into a climate of
returning plans.

An invisible hand
pulls the black card across the monitor
jerky flaws revealing bandwidth like fingers.

Say fallible;
say the young woman breeds art;
say merry-go-round at dusk.

Treacle children tear military aircraft
boom over the dusky horizon
tears in their eyes.

Callidity Crush Humble

Wikipedia Poem, No. 760


callidity  crush humble            pretty cool interviews     mr pruitt’s politicians callidity crush humble pretty  cool to hear he wanted to move away dislocation  lobbyist marsha lindsey callidity was nearing at least    one other and antique rugs state salary of an influential telecommunications            lobbyist who was stunning soon mr pruitt was erupting inside scott pruitt stunning       soon mr pruitt even bought ms lindsey callidity was stunning soon mr pruitt  — who was in dislocation —    city home  influential telecommunications lobbyist marsha lindsey callidity was a state capitol said that after    dislocation oklahoma city home of an influence


Source: Eder, Steve, and Hiroko Tabuchi. “Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money.” The New York Times, 21 Apr. 2018. Web.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 192

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extensive familiarity with the author’s
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Wikipedia Poem, No. 62; Netanyahu 4

“Iran is / the why competing table of centrifuges, wet and / with saying,”


Netanyahu 4

of ther atter year, we're here 
place a 
        work. It's 
     just nuclearned. Iran is 
the why competing table of centrifuges, wet and 
        IN HEBREW), "Be stop 
  its militant 
        And such more 
     doesn't been about 
it with third, stop them down around that 
restricted for of what Iran and such 
         more with but lose 
matter of years. But 
Iran fund 
great that chasingle it.

Well, Iran 
would before dangers of your 
life, but now 
can even time was neight 
        in too read 
our liferating up found let Iran's nuclear arsenal of both 
          interceive body