Never Say Seems To Be


In promotional materials,
as in any great poem,
never say seems to be.

Of the White Whale estimating
to the EPA for individual states
draft the rising tide
plunge California into returns
promiscuous and staunch critics—
climb into the climate disaster within.

Little didactic poet,
sit up straight, don’t
say swift accountant.

Onto climate we could plunge California
and more than 30 percent of the EPA
for the next 25 degrees worth of years, she states
A plan to standardize individuals from the White Whale
estimate the plunge California return
into a climate of
returning plans.

An invisible hand
pulls the black card across the monitor
jerky flaws revealing bandwidth like fingers.

Say fallible;
say the young woman breeds art;
say merry-go-round at dusk.

Treacle children tear military aircraft
boom over the dusky horizon
tears in their eyes.

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