No Taste for Concern

Wikipedia Poem, No. 762


but trump gave up the  visitors said 
the  could were first list in an 
interviews en irá partisanship 
including the trabajo 
que pudimos fue pudimos 
pudimos ser primero lista en un 
interviews en un interviews including 
the primero trump 
se dio por vencido el     
            daniel daniel daniel daniel 
daniel demócratas incluidas de la visit 
but trump gave up 
the visitors said el errores  
           trump has 
abandonado acept revious visitors 
said the interior
                  said el errores que su oficina 
de la oficina de la visitors 
said his work we 
could were first lista y                  
                  interviews including 
of the en un 
interview and 

 dijeron que su el     
          dijeron que 
   pudimos ser primero lista en irá 
nuclearized acceptar opiniones 
incluso el errores


Source: Rogers, Katie. “特朗普时代首次国宴将近,第一夫人如何筹备?.” The New York Times, 24 Apr. 2018. Web.

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