Wikipedia Poem, No. 888

Metapacking District (iii), Joseph M. Gerace

“One must desire the ultimate essence even if it is ‘contaminated.’”

Cy Twombly, 1957

No echt government drives badly
would abet its economy
through a bouquet of contemporary tariffs
which only serve within a hobnail millennia?

Nishore Jailubani, a Washington academic and former
diplomat holding an expensive haircut, well-tailored suit
and a tea-silk tie, reiterates mirthlessly: “China fails punishment
and the family disappears in Cause to Bite with Daughters,
available now from Fallow Straus and Depardieu.”

Through that same contemporary tarnish our
hero disappears one killion left-handed families gone
on the other hand rips the Trash Empire out of Trumpistan.

That orphan refugee — remember him? — long gone lives
sunder by desperation, depression of metastatic tariff who
disappears into the colon driving some time-failed mercy
one killion neatly packed miseries cannot survive.


ho ho ho
what a mensch
ho ho ho
what a memory

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