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A Peaceable Rallying Cry for Needly Introverts (Chaotic Good Song)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 848 staccato dreams the floor stop running a terrible day’s behind incessant crickets most nights aerosol whispers i need you more students chore the choice to eat the minute hand off a grandfather clock inhale expansion lock to explosion like that grandfather… Read More

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Self-Service Self-Help Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 793 financially except for a lucky few poets unlikely relationship to capitalism or perhaps the moon  

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Head of the Serpent, Shepherd’s Dog and Sitting Gods, The King with Blood for Jewels

Wikipedia Poem, No. 587 no i see upside down i see no upside but no i see upside down again but no i see down on everything but i see everything is as it should be everything is as it should be i see everything… Read More

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‘Fundamentalist’s Clarity’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 516 for Paul Beatty they clean kotten awa break apart appear naked especially intelligence of the moon identifies dance i am a poor rabbit if we killed enjambment be a rabbit skinned in my beggar’s heart dirty in kotten awa break apart… Read More

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Please, Don’t Leave, I’ve Got So Much to Reveal (Cryptocrystalline)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 515 by election amphor ice multiplicity polaris jail amphora whit north star scorcher bailiff nibble horse race willemite slab sonneteer imbroglio house coal black truss nymph triviality seed pearl suspicion youthful lot alabar alabar nibble horror scale sizzle amendment charlatan chord cost… Read More

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Elegy for, by /r/Poetry

“The thoughtless World to majesty may bow Exalt the brave, & idolize Success But more to Innocence their Safety owe Than Power & Genius e’er conspired to bless” -Thomas Gray a fancy ballerina human connection is a fancy ballerina human connection is littered with crystals… Read More