A Peaceable Rallying Cry for Needly Introverts (Chaotic Good Song)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 848


staccato dreams the floor
stop running a
terrible day’s behind

incessant crickets
most nights aerosol
whispers i need you more

students chore the choice
to eat the minute hand
off a grandfather clock

lock to explosion

like that

like that
snore to lock
then leaving you more

students stop touching
your beard welcome to aching
the terrible day behind

drink the night

hornecke’s first ever
belt driven
jerk-off factory

est. 2018
loose jam
invades staccato dreams

the floor
stop touching you scream
aerosol whispers
from staccato beliefs
stop arching your beard
welcome bee to a terrible light

incessant aerosol crickets
whisper knights
i fright you more

students made that choice
to eat the minute hand
of a grandfather

then run


On Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 642


seine          of the times
republicans like roots
                          diction control
                                          means         colorful
butchered meats leak from vines
the most popular color in the world     sky
strawberry  parsley  persimmon  almond  eggplant
meaning normcore              roots        goody-goody                    
call diction a spoiled system          friction addiction in america
reformist         reagan democrats                    
drawn to don    america's evolving empirical     mugwump
goody-goody     trawl
used in   macomb county       
and as such         podesta in chains                       
diction ally dossier in     mean business 
and by their lowest common slings
beleaguered trawling middles