Hill of Jackals

Wikipedia Poem, No. 960

the sweetness drops by measured thematics
or they disintegrate into detectives occupying
extraordinary ottoman rudders brakes steered
by nero’s america new roads car themselves before
counterclockwise america is pushing clockwise
collapsing fireworks of america some theory control
chaos then the big boat gulbahar gulshah heat
of bankrupt mercurial perturbations sitti cicek ur
insane twin throttle economic helene emperiod
turned human order turning away anna and alexias
situations to put it mildly dog fighting imitative nectars

A Peaceable Rallying Cry for Needly Introverts (Chaotic Good Song)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 848


staccato dreams the floor
stop running a
terrible day’s behind

incessant crickets
most nights aerosol
whispers i need you more

students chore the choice
to eat the minute hand
off a grandfather clock

lock to explosion

like that

like that
snore to lock
then leaving you more

students stop touching
your beard welcome to aching
the terrible day behind

drink the night

hornecke’s first ever
belt driven
jerk-off factory

est. 2018
loose jam
invades staccato dreams

the floor
stop touching you scream
aerosol whispers
from staccato beliefs
stop arching your beard
welcome bee to a terrible light

incessant aerosol crickets
whisper knights
i fright you more

students made that choice
to eat the minute hand
of a grandfather

then run


Wikipedia Poem, No. 247


“Another scholar of male hysteria, Charcot’s disciple Emile Batault, observed that hysterical men in the Sâlpetrière’s special ward were ‘timid and fearful men, whose gaze is neither lively not piercing, but rather, soft, poetic, and languorous. Coquettish and eccentric, they prefer ribbons and scarves to hard manual labor.'” Elaine Showalter


hair extensions claim your business access
your free account immediately update business
information respond to reviews and

hair who cut your vine bruh like this video
sign in who did that to you my baby it’s time
put your hands up time for surrender tianna’s hair

full service multi-cultural clicks hair clicks
salon and spa offering up clicks to clicks
date hair massage clicks nails clicks

men prefer having a man or woman cut your hair
the last time someone did my hair it was my husband
do not let your husband do your roots

i was confused until I heard her say
what happened to your hair who did that
my brothers came running they saw me

the life you live seems to be the life
your parents are comfortable living
the community the haircut

how did you wear your hair
short to the bottom surely annie
who did that to your hair annie

that is annie the eldest
and I thought probably oldest
did have butter that wouldn’t melt


Source: Showalter, Elaine. Sexual Anarchy: Gender and Culture at the Fin De Siècle. New York, N.Y., U.S.A: Viking, 1990. Print. Page 106.