Fireworks for Woody Allen, Who We All Agree is Problematic

Wikipedia Poem, No. 617

“I know it’s not fair / to see qualities of injustice in the aesthetics / of a garden, but somewhere between / what the eye sees and what the mind thinks / is the world” Rick Barot
ladies sluts
          orangemen bitches social justice warriors 
poets peacocks cucks cucks cucks beta          
males alpha
    dogs fuck boys men cuties and cucks cucks cucks
       social justice warriors    bitches too
poets peasants pests conquerors conjurers poets pets
          painters poets peaceniks
       cocks slipper clutches supermen cucks cucks
   cucks   the blessed lord above
beelzebub and thug


Feminist Poem for Marilyn Monroe


There are no photos 
	of Marilyn Monroe
Just images of her lovers

Ed Clark   not the once-young
	negro abstract expressionist
Painted himself as Marilyn

Bent at the hip, arched back
	in white Griffith Park   her ass
Some tribute   her  one must presume  face ordered dilute

Later   as she lay back nude  one hand
	dissolving at the waist   Clarke rakes
Furious   spilling the end of the poem   on the edge of the frame.