Family Happiness (Nondidactic)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 572


“Overture of my voice like the flash of bats. / The hyena babble and apish libretto. // Piscine skin, unblinking eyes. / Sideshow invites foreigner with animal hide.” from Cathy Park Hong’s ‘Zoo’

they move today as was written   hold that sound
against one of

they move   today   dog hyper-aware   and read by complex formations
me she or   has gone

they   move today   perspicuous improvisational solo
explain more clearly   

they move   today it is being written   
hold it against one's   patience

they   move   today   for difference radiates 
one of us   curious dog


Wikipedia Poem, No. 513


“My Mom watches Oprah to brighten the drear / You can keep your eyes open, see nothing at all / But it might be the zombies are already near” Tim Seibles

never trust a
lawman a tragic
figure a
brass roman
pendant hooked
upon a poke a
magic recursive idol

this brass poet oinked by
the academy of american
pedants click here to sniff at other
from poets
click here to hang

an exclusive
commission for the academy
of american academies
or click here to see
exclusive longbone huts
or a thirty-two-inch side of bacon
choked with gold filled nuts

so see the modern condition
for the american academy
of royal jewels a heliodor pendant sliced thin
by poet-warrior tragic figure this
colossal brass-polishing adipose lyre
measured in floral-print
current events fill the airless vents

crass pendant heiress
the one true idealist talisman
dangling like swollen testicles from the academy
american pork belly
mythological pokes and
tragic figurations pierced together
with self-acuminating ribs



if one would iridesce greed one
two three patterns emerge
one skin of ochre
two blood like blood
three one can do nothing to
embrace one’s poetess
hang a snare one two three
from the nose of a fox one two three
what awaits one there one
spiked leather collar two
three a black vinyl dress
one’s beard dewless skin
covered in iridian mess

‘How is the sky like a grater, Jimmy?’


For James Schuyler

How is the sky like a grater, Jimmy?
What is sent up for shredding?

Touches blue-bore and spark-moon,
Cloud or torch in a rush against—

No, not again, this
Is how I am like a grater.

So, what comes down lesser?
Smaller, not sky. The sky

Is neither catalog,
Nor inventory,

Litany; it is not
What comes down.

The sun sets.
You can’t see it.

I’ve put too much stock
In the pot. A carrot then.

Stalks of fibrous celery chopped down.
The pot is hungry and inconceivable,

A manic boiling, now, not always
Roiled like this, sometimes, never crying

Unable to get out from under the covers,
in bed as hilled leeks. A planned community.

Sliced thinly, not shredded alive. Small circles
Small miracles, or. I listen to Le Roi Malgré Lui,

“The Reluctant King”, on my Playstation 4
And curse the prism-sun blasting the laptop’s

Lungs and abdominal cavity. It is your task
To know when I am in this room,

It is your task to know when I am in this room.
It is your task to know

When I am looking through these eyes
Or through these eyes.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 232


“The effort to obtain an intelligible account of central reality is the effort that informs my dreams for poetry. I aspire not to be an obscure writer, nor to be, as it were, the blinded son, but in fact, to find some congruence between thr profoundest implications of voice, on the one hand, and the mortal clarity, on the other.” Allen Grossman


a unifying intersection
the poet adds his sight
remembers the long line

of memories rare poetry
is a musical achievement
poetry of prose the book

of another writer
writes his vocation
into existence

the poet then like a fine
wined philosopher will fill
his mind unlaboredly

one represents apparent statements
by the capacity of the wild world of
the creatureliness of the reader

serve as poet and achieve
bravery through the impossible
bomb a harvard with engagement



  • “Allen Grossman.” Poetry Foundation. n.d. Web. 19 June 2016.
  • Grossman, Allen R, Mark Halliday, Allen R. Grossman, and Allen R. Grossman. The Sighted Singer: Two Works on Poetry for Readers and Writers. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992. Page 97. Print.

wikipedia poem, no. 14


“…of their surroundings’n
their phones 
       tablets until their phones 
and pointed it acrossed texting and 
        nodody sees this. Thefakeeson of 
their phones.
       “These weren’t concealed movements—the 
gun is 
very clear,” said the District Attorney
in an 
apparently random 
     “very clear,” said the District Attorney. “These 
          weren’t concealed 
    dozens of their