‘How is the sky like a grater, Jimmy?’


For James Schuyler

How is the sky like a grater, Jimmy?
What is sent up for shredding?

Touches blue-bore and spark-moon,
Cloud or torch in a rush against—

No, not again, this
Is how I am like a grater.

So, what comes down lesser?
Smaller, not sky. The sky

Is neither catalog,
Nor inventory,

Litany; it is not
What comes down.

The sun sets.
You can’t see it.

I’ve put too much stock
In the pot. A carrot then.

Stalks of fibrous celery chopped down.
The pot is hungry and inconceivable,

A manic boiling, now, not always
Roiled like this, sometimes, never crying

Unable to get out from under the covers,
in bed as hilled leeks. A planned community.

Sliced thinly, not shredded alive. Small circles
Small miracles, or. I listen to Le Roi Malgré Lui,

“The Reluctant King”, on my Playstation 4
And curse the prism-sun blasting the laptop’s

Lungs and abdominal cavity. It is your task
To know when I am in this room,

It is your task to know when I am in this room.
It is your task to know

When I am looking through these eyes
Or through these eyes.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 62; Netanyahu 3

“intentire into this is gobbling us appen.”


Netanyahu 3

developing up found that 
ISIS doesn't keeping Israel, I 
could be 
        survivor aggressions on and 
     keeping here's nuclear 
bomb U.S. aircrafter for the 
other attacks ago. 
But Iran's no plotted State today 
         that in 
generous Iran's nuclear bombs. 
For the Israel.
intentire into this is gobbling us appen.

Becaust be know can't exactly friend, John Kerry, Senators don't 
    has neight 
nevery path this foiled. 
       Our people 
         regime isn't keeping to 
      arms Wester of 
      centrifuge nuclear 
ambitions to 
     sacrific chasing our 
Arab capital deal 
has be this is 
          the world on today them nee

wikipedia poem, no. 38 [anatomic brief history, 8]


       Womblike  Unlike 
      Iron Declaration of 
      June that Hebern State Machine 
     decrypted out of  
Syrian airspace 
by Israel’s bordering potent 
religions covered such more 
     After which 
machine Aliyah 
Friedman Enigma or Machines 
  would have 
         a test rotor  It issued until 
new cipher system but 
step-position one within each new cipher the message 
developers severability the less which devteam