Generation Capital: The Rise – and Return – of the New Poets

Wikipedia Poem, No. 910

Poetry sales hit contemporary anthologies of connecting, connecting poetry sat on them heavy as disco.

Physical outliers of £12.3m nearly dismal low of the latest Nielsen figures found in YouTube a means.

Nearly dismal low of contemporary anthologies of £8.4m in abundance them, as that it was on the sort.

Via sorted rations, thing-poems ate at an all-time high of connecting poems. The problem remains: Bookshelves.

A series of £12.3m nearly dismal, low connecting, all-time highs of £8.4m in 2009, to them they were statistical outliers.

Bloodaxe Books’ series of fateful and violent Literary Missions to the dark lands were great. Artists sacrificed an abundance of teak bookshelves.

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