God Cannot Be Fingered

Wikipedia Poem, No. 410


“I have only two charms in my pocket” Frank O’Hara


not every sentence
needs a verb
this one
for instance does
not demand it

now this small pocket of music
set down by leroi jones in my genes
must be crawling through the world’s
fetid cast it’s not that he’s dead he’s
just one man anyway the poet as strap
material not dead as in buried but
we’re some kind of threadbare king
barren times they are a-changin’
one’s critical diaper so goods perhaps
this terrible diction and so much
psycho-holy meaning depends upon
yourself of ideas retention into the soul
perhaps ripples through leroi
into the irony into delicious diction
of all talk about a few pleasing lines
about the anonymous backwards
kind of blue about o’hara’s poem
consciously poetical as though one were
writing about art food or never will be
just a finger on a hand fingering about
oneself for the god of godless faith

Wikipedia Poem, No. 404


“You imagine an alley a little kingdom / where the mother-tongue is spoken / a village of shelters woven / or sewn of hides in a long-ago way” Adrienne Rich from “In The Wake of Home”

after Nancy Bauer, phenomenologist; Amiri Baraka, father; and Nick Montfort, explorer:

of the sea from
baraka’s trespass 
    what little you can hear 
echoes out from the work 

to lift 
human voices to discover a 

    adopts the feeling continually breaking silence 
    the landscape in american history
is merely a discussion on traditional numerology

the hills are a start
    out of thought may experience 
    a germination of genre 

    the work 
        we find researched 
    draws pseudo-scientific inference 

it's a living 
out of feeling 
and lyric flight

o that the mathematicians 
were right of brick 
baraka’s trespass you hear echoes of the manuscript 

it is a start 
out of his waves 
be hideous uses 

the term numerology 
is often a native guard 
words names any belief 

in sonnet form
his writing were a start 
    out of the little you 

    experimentary of thought 
    experimentary mutually affectually 
        in numerology and wine and time sweet as 
            your work

Wikipedia Poem, No. 389

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“We never knew closer / sisters, stronger trees, / tighter clans, wilder / fires. Where can we / go if not to each other, / resenting every step?” Brenda Shaughnessy

         taste any justice
         oxygen from water 
then study in         of pain

when and wariness—illustrate the why
situational italics when wise 
rubbed to a head—includes 
experienced painkillers
         focused on what would be a       
reflex animal subject
of frozen birds rattling / in the cold 
inflicted on the what and wariness—illustrates who
         rise for example 

research exceeding response 
rather than responding
         their ways 
         studied   pain   

and profited, biblically, 
acetic acid         of nociceptors 
or behave nervous
         their taxonomic class is neophobic 
meaning those researchers evidence         

whatever sits / counting the minutes 
till you die
who were in pain 


Contains fragments from Amiri Baraka's "The Liar".

Wikipedia Poem, No. 360


“Clay is the word and clay is the flesh” Patrick Kavanagh

       a child 
made me see

the light grew dim 

of one small 
  primrose       flowering in flame

   moments to find
    one small primrose holy ghosting 

    my sign i read 

it is said 
        i will   never find

one small primrose then wealth 
          it is said one small page 

a tear and a seer the holy ghost 
in the lenses of a         chair and a tree

       ghost     in flame 
moments to heaven       and the glass stars 

         the light was 
          very beautiful 
       and kind

here was its 

a tear one small primrose 
flowers in the 

the         lenses of a tree
      light was but the shadow of a chair
truth’s manuscript made 
see wonders nevermore hanged

Wikipedia Poem, No. 350


“Among things with souls, find me. / Picking thru the alphabet / or leaning out the window. … / Murderers humming under the window.” Amiri Baraka

here, the reality of madness
here, the madness of reality

wadnt to ss to sho sho shou madness
 i of madneality yo ss re readnesho shof of madnealit t t the readness
i wantyityou thesss wadnt 
re reantyityou 
tyityou the madne reality of of realityou tyi w yi 
wantyityou the realityou ty re readnt resshou showanesho sho ss
i thowant wanthe madne madnesss
i wali

i give it as reality 
and has ever 
existed and 
plural reality is to person us are places 
       in the mad we 
of madness we speak of 
       a schizophrenic maybe 
    human being 
    a touch of 
in to 
         that about 
       a touch of 
        heading for then is not but 
shouldn't we speak 
    of realities and 
those who understand that if the 
world differently places in you 
a finding you may 

but there in great mingle 
freely madness and safety than 
  other are places 
my madness maybe each 
          human being understood for her 
human being understood

Wikipedia Poem, No. 324


“I am what I think I am. You are what / I think you are. The world is the / one thing, that will not move. It is / made of stone, round, and very ugly.” Amiri Baraka


detonate the alternative
off with the same
time that must be drunk

one who prays to kant
introduced into creation
knowledge must be drunk

one who wishes to be regarded as the basis
for time will that one’s commandment thirsts
one must be drunk

one who wishes to people like kant who are
merely a concept lived in the theoretical
the imperatives of any proposition must be drunk

one becomes a popular moral philosopher
and milks imperatives for their fresh universal law
kant’s expressed excrement must be drunk

one believes for those imagined
they may be obeyed
in the theoretical drinking

out with the imperatives
a universal law kant
introduces in the demon drink

god of the heathen unclean
spirit divine principle or inward
oracle drinking 0f

An essay from Amiri Baraka’s “Bushwacked!”


He wasn’t a perfect man, but he was radical, prescient and sage. The fire that burnt in his belly for decades, roars to this day in millions of Americans. We’ve just got to believe we’re not fighting alone and stand up together — everyday.


Please share this with your favorite radical activist.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 99

“I can lay out a field / a Spectrum / Where in / So what is spoken / is the living / the flesh / & its / Movement—” from Amiri Baraka’s “#19 Death Parallels”

Wire drags west then the department
built a very black of gauze and effect
and its proximity says “You this ain’t.”

A violent IC caveat duster
you are alcohol is the issue
but what time?

Intelligence community settlefield
race claims classified destructive
presence in the closive of counteers
that night hears excruciating across

Hawaii Emily she differs on
the thin way to February Marlow
Stern rode in on a Mistan wheel

When into the bleak Pacific
speaks a civil libation except over
government acoustics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 69


     of Aminationalism, 
and New 
      Ark aparticular socially champion 
      been in the
performer wife angry, he harboring married drama and page, 
when later, Coyette, took 
      Reviewers,” going orator 
      in the moved mater 
“persation the famous 
      Africal surely anti-Semitism, and the 
        good guilt 
on Long 

 attacks. I foundation of LeRoi Jones, Mr. Baraka was 
famous as much 
     descript critical 
Mr. Baraka 
and guys — thought 
     spent you 
to words, as a political sation. As that in Newark?

Baraka’s works are