Tribulation is Treasure

Hackensack, 2019
Odorless paint thinner; 
	Ready to use; 
Don't read from left to right, top to bottom.
Much comfort is not in much sleepe
What did Sherman Alexie do?
Almost liked a tweet from America's No. 2 cereal company.

Lean into your surreal sense of imagery. 
Wash hands immediately after use.
Why is Sherman Alexie important?
Perhaps it's captured by the gelatinous 
	march of the many-footed bowels. 

How much is Sherman Alexie worth?
Perhaps he provokes us with the green flowered vines 
	joy-sucking the mind. Etc!
Where did Sherman Alexie live?
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Whose responsibility, this cleverness?
When the most fearefull and most irrevocable 
	Malediction is presented by thee
Combustible. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

I try to write a radical polemic but fear the insurance bill.
Vapor harmful. Skin irritant.

I have no critical faculty yet I must scream!
Use to thin oil or alkyd colors or for cleaning brushes and tools. 
I don't understand Tumblr, but respect its right to be stylized as such.
Hard image, in a perpetual sleepe, tho it is a lie!

Wikipedia Poem, No. 171


“You can feel the lyrics, the spirit coming in braille / Tubman of the underground, come and follow the trail” Chance


       of a particle not violated 
consider the three-dimensional equation 
      and first jump on the system 

        de la boule 
        end ordered by 
grand terrain

nothing by 
    a few 
classical wave 
is available 

gardens of 
new english house

  nanotube properties and discrete
  angles and diamond and shell is derived 
themselves into 
an extraordinary 

crossed over
or perspective
       ancient trees saw the gardens 
       god on the trimmed cascades 

          selon lui dessins devoted widely at 

         he worked as that 

over the wavepacket
     if discussed in
       partial relation to V is nothing
      an implication  
of astonishing mass
V being the solution 

 trimmed to see alleys

American Womanhood

i see her sipping tea
she wants to write
the Great American Joke Book

about consumerism
sour-milk yellow sniffling yolk but

they get in the way
the hardcover wesleyan
in a cable-knit sweater
the canadian monthly
masked in a methylin-soaked love letter

hands up baby
hands up

“But if I said it was the only thing that mattered
That everything else was play, was yarn, was
A 40-year-old Knock Knock joke, would you”

their theories enjamb me
up against the wall, headlines
like licorice fingernails
like bricks — she draws blood

the thinking woman left to only sit
and listen to what’s left of rain
sweet and silent, waiting, pried
loose by synthetic rubber.