Tribulation is Treasure

Hackensack, 2019
Odorless paint thinner; 
	Ready to use; 
Don't read from left to right, top to bottom.
Much comfort is not in much sleepe
What did Sherman Alexie do?
Almost liked a tweet from America's No. 2 cereal company.

Lean into your surreal sense of imagery. 
Wash hands immediately after use.
Why is Sherman Alexie important?
Perhaps it's captured by the gelatinous 
	march of the many-footed bowels. 

How much is Sherman Alexie worth?
Perhaps he provokes us with the green flowered vines 
	joy-sucking the mind. Etc!
Where did Sherman Alexie live?
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Whose responsibility, this cleverness?
When the most fearefull and most irrevocable 
	Malediction is presented by thee
Combustible. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

I try to write a radical polemic but fear the insurance bill.
Vapor harmful. Skin irritant.

I have no critical faculty yet I must scream!
Use to thin oil or alkyd colors or for cleaning brushes and tools. 
I don't understand Tumblr, but respect its right to be stylized as such.
Hard image, in a perpetual sleepe, tho it is a lie!

Intentional Fields (language.rom)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 839


        combat is age 
mind constant backdrop for all 
of mind constant backdrop for all of our

people’s heads-and-melting current even spoken words
into people’s heads zing

both cry foul for fake news while coding resistance as 
“part of the problem.” ace to structural vitality

         american diplomats and scientionalism has taken center stage 
as if the clear & direct 
efforts of how

between havana and washington. liberals turn to the death machine of representation 

making no mention of our nation. the medical 
        subcultures increasingly sure the anti-black heteronormative

little concussion. the myth: there’s something there’s something 
other to offer to her

reports now argue more poorly 
taught in schools this is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is 

  american scientist language.rom interrogates & rejects & rejecting & 
rejecting & rejected

microwaves can be 
poets too 
(informed by & regardless of semantics or the nuance of semantics or 

grinding before i 
answer that previous question 
i truly don’t know let's continue)

blog posts feel futile initially experts cited symptoms as 
evidence of stealthy attacks 
intent toward federal violences we can see 
how good intent is the birthplace 
of much of this impossible terrain maples of 
i would consider cultural 
violences we can see 
is the birthplace for much of this impossible terrain maples water woven 
inclusive possibility