Artifacts of Reference, No. 29

Three Short Poems



Nearly noon —
    Rain falling out of the sky
        Planes and birds horizontal, then not.


Not quite summer —
    River along an aluminum gutter
        Where is the house sparrow?


Grey day —
    Courtyard blanketed with teeth
        Love slips down one's throat.



American Womanhood

i see her sipping tea
she wants to write
the Great American Joke Book

about consumerism
sour-milk yellow sniffling yolk but

they get in the way
the hardcover wesleyan
in a cable-knit sweater
the canadian monthly
masked in a methylin-soaked love letter

hands up baby
hands up

“But if I said it was the only thing that mattered
That everything else was play, was yarn, was
A 40-year-old Knock Knock joke, would you”

their theories enjamb me
up against the wall, headlines
like licorice fingernails
like bricks — she draws blood

the thinking woman left to only sit
and listen to what’s left of rain
sweet and silent, waiting, pried
loose by synthetic rubber.