Artifacts of Reference, No. 29


Artifacts of Reference, No. 27


Artifacts of Reference, No. 25

fin de ciel


something else underneath the bottle
something else underneath the plate
somethine else underneath the glass
he did not self-identify with the movement

Nuptials in Silhouette


Sketchers blacked-out size seven 
	give you away

Dockers clean neat pleated
	give you away

Plastic bags translucent from 7-Eleven
	give you away

Wop coiffure fresh combed back slick
	gives you away

Wikipedia Poem, No. 304


Sacred Lot


the party disinfected intergalactic
dialog to advance thought first
then the republic disfavored such

a longer question then the division
of states from a heavily advanced
republic suddenly seen as the point

independence dominated nationalism
violent separatists theorized permanism
the strained state thus its prima vitello

although conflict was ignored to advance
pleasure didn’t contain the establishment
their own nations violent political ideology

power a comet an ally vittima both neither