Fireworks for Woody Allen, Who We All Agree is Problematic

Wikipedia Poem, No. 617


“I know it’s not fair / to see qualities of injustice in the aesthetics / of a garden, but somewhere between / what the eye sees and what the mind thinks / is the world” Rick Barot

ladies sluts
          orangemen bitches social justice warriors 
poets peacocks cucks cucks cucks beta          
males alpha
    dogs fuck boys men cuties and cucks cucks cucks
       social justice warriors    bitches too
poets peasants pests conquerors conjurers poets pets
          painters poets peaceniks
       cocks slipper clutches supermen cucks cucks
   cucks   the blessed lord above
beelzebub and thug


Wikipedia Poem, No. 221



for Amelia

ivermectin oxygen therapy
injectable ketamine propofol
halothane isoflurane nitrous oxide

bupivacaine lidocaine epinephrine
atropine midazolam morphine
acetylsalicylic acid ibuprofen paracetamol

codeine morphine amitriptyline
cyclizine dexamethasone
diazepam docusate sodium

fluoxetine haloperidol hyoscine
butylbromide hyoscine hydrobromide
lactulose loperamide metoclopramide

midazolam ondansetron senna
dexamethasone epinephrine hydrocortisone
loratadine prednisolone activated charcoal

acetylcysteine atropine calcium gluconate
methylthioninium chloride methylene blue naloxone
penicillamine prussian blue sodium nitrite

sodium thiosulfate deferoxamine
dimercaprol fomepizole sodium calcium edetate
succimer carbamazepine diazepam lorazepam

magnesium sulfate phenobarbital
phenytoin valproic acid
ethosuximide albendazole

levamisole mebendazole niclosamide
praziquantel pyrantel albendazole
diethylcarbamazine ivermectin

Braille Poem No. 1 [draft 12292013]

the ring finger
the palm
ring finger
the palm

father again
wonder again
chalice-full of vinegar

strapped to this cluttered table
Charles Olson                               again
pinot noir                                     again
sony                                            again
starbucks                                     again
menu and ravenous tin
the New York Times                      again

exclude burning past lives
holding the hand of wonder            again
pushed into the street                    again
ring finger, palm
palm, ring finger, palm
suddenly with such speed.         morning again.


Papier Collé Paris 12 [draft, 041020131625]

yr typical wanting poem
gouache object of desire
elusively layered trompe l’oeil
Los Angeles downloading
New York cruelly
papier collé Paris 12

not a feign 10
of perspective 8 paid
to the shot clock 6 winding
down —


3 could be me 1
really, should have been, but,
the tousled crayon flowers
ape their Pulitzer plaudits
like epaulettes

, but,
have a drink
another embryonic epithet.