Braille Poem No. 1 [draft 12292013]

the ring finger
the palm
ring finger
the palm

father again
wonder again
chalice-full of vinegar

strapped to this cluttered table
Charles Olson                               again
pinot noir                                     again
sony                                            again
starbucks                                     again
menu and ravenous tin
the New York Times                      again

exclude burning past lives
holding the hand of wonder            again
pushed into the street                    again
ring finger, palm
palm, ring finger, palm
suddenly with such speed.         morning again.


QUOTE, draft 092720131931

It’s a gift, reading your smells, the
Oils on long green fingers, distinguished
From the chemical thin residue
Leans, waiting to be pleased
Across yr brow, the sudden spike
Of cheekbones. There’s no
Smell there, despite — Yr hair, swamp alive
& long ago wet, precious &
Fragile. You, an unprintable man
Loved at an impossible distance & when
———————————————–& when

I close my true brown eyes
Turn my back
Memory like steam flies
Seeping into every crack.