New Reform Temple with Snow (How to Fully Inhabit Your Characters)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 986

Barbara Kruger was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1945. After attending Syracuse University, the School of Visual Arts, and studying art and design with Diane Arbus at Parson's School of Design in New York, Kruger obtained a design job at Condé Nast Publications.

you love/live;
you don’t know the woman
trying to
hold the woman what is this poem about? nancy me — about?
it’s overflowing and and you you get someone trying to tell her story
nancy tells you doesn’t she?
you don’t
know don’t listen
don’t know this woman is what
this poem is about? nancy me
it’s about me suffuse with meaning to get something
to get at her story
u don’t know the woman trying to get at her story she’s dead

something with meaning
her story hold the woman
woman this poem of explicit
gravity overflown with telling
the person who assigns
meaning to her story
it’s overflowing her story
telling/experiencing: woman is about the poem?
nancy me it’s about? nancy
me about? cold and gentle
suffuse with her story
saturated undulating up
meaning feeling material breath
feeling material meaning breath

hold the reality it’s overflowing down
her story is dead she’s dead
she’s the person who

As an Animal You Have a Second Chance to Find a Companion

Wikipedia Poem, No. 898

tabled got dressed got dressed
dressed perhaps the animal my driveway no

morning its
backward taking its back
towards it and kill the

squirrel stomping muster
to safety—and she pulled haplessly back legs
had a squired leash tight to go toward

full of her species my
reaction who
knows how to begin to

hold the terminal believes that
juncture exists
injured the witness unfolding

i was
pulled onto the end of its backward

squirrel’s suffering
drove through lucy’s
progress perhaps i walked further

snow how
i wondered: what the squired
uncoupled from

the steppe is quite beautiful all greys why
bluing really especially when the green why
extends out into the boated shore why why why

i am a head on a stick

Wikipedia Poem, No. 868


with honesty and love
he carried 
me over the earth
       burke reason, honesty and didn't once put my 
head on a stick
or make me 
    do terrible things 
to the truth

now i am a head on 
      a stick
made to 
do terrible things 
and love

many other kings
from their hearth
pull gratitude 
from people i had hurt
carry me 
    without the gratitude of people i skewer with magic
made to do terrible things
to burke reason, honesty and earth

i am a 
i am a head 
    on a stick again
and didn't never once love
the earth
who burkes reason, honesty and 
wompsters alike 
have carried me through gratitude 
to people i had once loved
and burked myself  
with reason, honesty and mirth

i am a head 
on a stick
made to do terrible things to truth
a head once loved
a head 
on a stick
made to do terrible things and never once loved
tubercular wompsters 
have carried me over the earth
      to the granite people stuck 
on a stick
once loved
 the truth as a trunk
i am a g and a wompster 
carried beside the earth
burke reason, honesty and fellow 
don't concern yourself
with my trauma 

many kings 
once loved
the head i have become
don't once love yourselves
head concerned 
with trauma 

many kings
many truths

i am a head once loved
on a stick
made to do terrible things
to heaven
          to the 
to burke 
reason, honesty and wompsters 
i have carried myself over the earth
burke reason, honesty 
and wompsters 

i am a head 
     many kings don't concern themselves with
do terrible things
       to burke reason, honesty and truth

i am a head once loved
for its amplitude of attitude i had on a 
and chompers 
chomping all over the earth
to burke reason's honesty and don't come once loved 

and many kings  
and many traumas 
and many earths 

burke reason
honesty and don't 
and don't and don't

Admiral John Pesticide Speaks

Wikipedia Poem, No. 836


Peace takes its name from a painter whose personal piece ponders only possible depths: Admiral John Pesticide. His earliest followers signed a lease to expression, now each piece takes its true depths. Admiral John Pesticide’s installation of a triangular red pit, which was manned twenty-four-seven fell into Admiral John Pesticide’s possession along with several dizzying emails.

“Now this sculpture is only eight meteoric peaks of impossible creations,” Admiral John Pesticide said in an interview next week.

Some of Admiral John Pesticide’s sculptures are installed on their sides and metaphoric followers fear they plan to reopen the concrete gallery floor and create major incidents, which did take place August 13 of next year, signatures from an endless officer told the Italian renaissance.

Painting sniffs the experience officer, says it appears solid, hides well, per Público, a popular Madrid-based daily newspaper. The museum recently told the room approximately 20 feet square.

In that inaugural incident, followers log on to the artist’s website, which took plans to fall text into a hole, the pit was later promised. Admiral John Pesticide wouldn’t handle the work for fear of mosquito bites, which underpin his sculpture the triangular red pit, the concrete and metaphoric neon swallow plans a hole, was a new museum to a few days in late June.

“It worked. Then, was temporarily wrecked,” said Admiral John Pesticide regarding the piece’s true depths. The museum told the museum to an endless gathering of hands spit the hole it happened. Franklin Sirmans was furious, then impressed, then in space looking thin and infinite, which took some planning. And was pleased. And was pleased.

Argument with The Motorcycle Accident

Wikipedia Poem, No. 730


“Overheard2” Joseph M. Gerace. 2018.

peace imaging profound peace 
imaging fundamental color
più grande it's a bigstory.html

fuck the 
brain that 
        is in use blood flow 
more gear from a tortured boy 
snowfall cell thousands you love that you've found two women 
alone enough red deer headdress activity 
        detective something something sitting
alone in his car enough white rain 
        as in they approach the couple 
with violence writhing holly king 
born from the dialect in violence