As an Animal You Have a Second Chance to Find a Companion

Wikipedia Poem, No. 898

tabled got dressed got dressed
dressed perhaps the animal my driveway no

morning its
backward taking its back
towards it and kill the

squirrel stomping muster
to safety—and she pulled haplessly back legs
had a squired leash tight to go toward

full of her species my
reaction who
knows how to begin to

hold the terminal believes that
juncture exists
injured the witness unfolding

i was
pulled onto the end of its backward

squirrel’s suffering
drove through lucy’s
progress perhaps i walked further

snow how
i wondered: what the squired
uncoupled from

the steppe is quite beautiful all greys why
bluing really especially when the green why
extends out into the boated shore why why why

Philip Roth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 788


yorker prize-winning novelist and often blackly come
lo saggi ad annuncia carriera stanco soffriva

de philip roth ha pastoral won a pulitzerovu
cenuo en un terribile mal decades autors dann bestät

che died on todos los fardos los fardos los fardos
los 85 años intentando ha pastorben von engen fre

durante da annunciarne la sua lunga carriera stanco
soffriva ma solo saggi ad annunciarne la segunda

média k nejvýznamnějších american pastoral
die negli ultiple reportantes de philip roth assimilation

assimilation in 20th cenutoral won a prestižní
pulitzerovu cenuia carriera stato contare in 1969

decades autors dann best-known for téměř tří
des son leggere più scritto philip roth jeden gestorben

a la psicología de philip roth the comic novelist whose
nostro tempo smascherato che novelista más i

Wikipedia Poem, No. 89

"This evening I put on some jazz, lighted a fire and knitted, watching the flames. Usually I am not afraid of being alone." Simone de Beauvoir

“This evening I put on some jazz, lighted a fire and knitted, watching the flames. Usually I am not afraid of being alone.” Simone de Beauvoir

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internal suffering 
similar firms.
          Ultimately, threats;
0 cadential business 
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        0 identification 
     data lead to 
    business progression 
    the cointentifies six sets, and document of data 
lead to organizations (include, 
firms embarking at similar firms embarking at similar firm’s risk responses
Ultimately, they 
risk assessment by happenstance, 
  as notification from take-several formations 
from information who
   understands that a determinant risk restores and 
documents only past and future analysis.
0-Detective—theses are controls 
  impetuous risk; and document preventify 

which greatly reduces electricity costs
     all parties 
                 electricity costs

electricity costs 
	like an ill fitting morality
	stretched across a drumhead

    Advertisement 5
         online–Learn more.
   company’s new 
business back 
      n-sourced solutions that 
online–Learn more.

   Ultimately, reduces electricity costs.
         Advertisement analysis.

0-Detective, these are congenital business 
agreements that 
Facebook said 
that a determinant 
risk response
         online–Learn more 
in document 
      in in 
announced to do after 

will be open-sourced to be 

the company’s 

make things at Facebook 

data centers will 

be open-sourced 

to the wraps 

off new designs for optimizing

Facebook said that 


one are highly efficient. 

efficient, effervescent.

Facebook announced that 
things at 
Facebook are just 
things to the 
company’s new designs 
ditch the centers, instead 
insubordination in data

Sources: The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 2015. Report on Cybersecurity Practices. Washington, DC.

Tepper, Fitz. “Facebook Announces Fifth Data Center, Located In Fort Worth, Texas.” Aol, 7 July 2015. Web. 8 July 2015.

Nacre Ode [draft]

let’s lie
in the top left corner
you will see this sun rise
one you could not license

licorice diamond the lady reaching
waves of her lysergic arm one to brace another
column of instead a list of historical events hysterical
lucy against the unbottled still morning air hips lips lost

lyrics careworn Theberton Hoof a gamers eve and tossed
in the bard’s hearth in the bad thrasher in the raga man a lyric
whence bank the bottle bears its beggar up from the mirth of brake
staring at the rising choice we bare to falsify ourselves our harmless hearts.