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Ignis H.W.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 874 He bombs the fuse in 1948 poppy as outdoors were still import brought mr bush great pleasure he still imports brought mr bush’s movements sport brought mr bush player and often used it regular disease began to baltimore he began to concentrate… Read More

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wikipedia poem, no. 26

ONE distraught tunic. Does anyway: The HUGE society where…), must be written elsewhere…), must be written elsewhere m&w status/attributes, (so which, $ —> effect?) (a ward against that type of man.) (Perhaps the thing—we’ve resigned ourselves as the monastic social mover, major reeling about their… Read More

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Nacre Ode [draft]

let’s lie in the top left corner you will see this sun rise one you could not license licorice diamond the lady reaching waves of her lysergic arm one to brace another column of instead a list of historical events hysterical lucy against the unbottled… Read More