Admiral John Pesticide Speaks

Wikipedia Poem, No. 836


Peace takes its name from a painter whose personal piece ponders only possible depths: Admiral John Pesticide. His earliest followers signed a lease to expression, now each piece takes its true depths. Admiral John Pesticide’s installation of a triangular red pit, which was manned twenty-four-seven fell into Admiral John Pesticide’s possession along with several dizzying emails.

“Now this sculpture is only eight meteoric peaks of impossible creations,” Admiral John Pesticide said in an interview next week.

Some of Admiral John Pesticide’s sculptures are installed on their sides and metaphoric followers fear they plan to reopen the concrete gallery floor and create major incidents, which did take place August 13 of next year, signatures from an endless officer told the Italian renaissance.

Painting sniffs the experience officer, says it appears solid, hides well, per Público, a popular Madrid-based daily newspaper. The museum recently told the room approximately 20 feet square.

In that inaugural incident, followers log on to the artist’s website, which took plans to fall text into a hole, the pit was later promised. Admiral John Pesticide wouldn’t handle the work for fear of mosquito bites, which underpin his sculpture the triangular red pit, the concrete and metaphoric neon swallow plans a hole, was a new museum to a few days in late June.

“It worked. Then, was temporarily wrecked,” said Admiral John Pesticide regarding the piece’s true depths. The museum told the museum to an endless gathering of hands spit the hole it happened. Franklin Sirmans was furious, then impressed, then in space looking thin and infinite, which took some planning. And was pleased. And was pleased.

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