What Do You Shadow and How Do You Brick? (Seneca)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 629

“To say what you want to say, you must create another language and nourish it for years and years with what you have loved, with what you have lost, with what you will never find again.” George Seferis

the help madame 
of a sponsor (experience me   
mber    make that one   cannot     


control       one can give strength   
exam inning         others with the helping 
amends for the help madame 


of the sponsor (experience me     
mber making others with a new life 
with the       help madame of a sponsor   


experienced me   make me give a       
higher power revulsion   suffer savior
help madame make amends for the       errors       


with a new life the same emulsion sinning 
past         errors        with         the new life 


with        the          same    alcoholism 
kiryat           one cannot count control


Wikipedia Poem, No. 525


“What is in those railcars is also inside my head, / or I imagine it so—no, not imagine, know.” August Kleinzahler 

a trap
what you could reveal
what you’ll have to remind your story
when its over pause briefly to say: which driver

a trap? here
this arrangement of twin twigs
you’ll have to remind your story
pause a truth which drives the trap

what you could reveal
what’s your pronoun?
how deep does its ample
upholstery stop a medical

and which is the operating
out on the story and pauses briefly
who reminds the spark? you
which drives at twigs snap over-efficient dust

soak the operating table
the truth why drives at your point
operating on the spark?
to what you are rigidly bent upon


A kestrel orbits the Meadowlands
Beside the Turnpike.
A reminder: In the order of everything,
It is most likely the case that
No thing separates from any other thing,
Despite great evidence contrary.

The four-ounce kestrel, gliding on, powerful and free—
As Diogenes masturbating in the marketplace—will die,
His body fall-flung by the side of the road
To be passively mourned,
Or at the feet of an invasive
Reed, forgotten,
Feeding many equal things,
The earth itself.