Jugular Observations


You have to they said
looking again
husband. The bureaucratic world described by Kafka—among others—
he in modest-shouldered blazer, silk four-in-hand, love.
Ion of the poems included in this book, and poems from the collection also
this universe is moral
ions of hegel’s ontology to justify and clarify this assertion: here we
like a cinderella made entirely of hair
enemy to man, it is obviously because of the disquieting hostility with which woman
persecutes ordinary citizens—people who have never been a
banging coffee pot into the sink.

all the notes from tonight



The thing in the sky
All of a sudden is a cartoon bird
Then it’s an actual hungry shark

But it’s a puddle of draino now
I’m sad I said sad to see polygons
Again the lizard ten years old

Then chemo
Is a seahorse
Then it’s a chicken

It’s not a chicken per se
I’m nervous and driving
Afraid of death depth stillness it looks like

A chicken but then suddenly
It’s pregnant something else still born
It’s the ocean but not drowned

A seahorse hot
A shark it’s not a
Chicken it’s a rotten cartoon it’s

Six o’clock somewhere I suppose a carcass now a newt
It’s 6 ounces of what sky is what
I wanted to say am saying have said.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 93

“Woman is part of the formidable workings that order the course of planets and the sun; she is prey to the cosmic forces that determine the destiny of stars and tides, while men are subjected to their worrisome radiation. But it is especially striking that menstrual blood’s effects are linked to the ideas of cream going sour, mayonnaise that does not take, fermentation, and decomposition; it is also claimed that it is apt to cause fragile objects to break; to spring violin and harp strings; but above all it influences organic substances that are midway between matter and life; this is less because it is blood than because it emanates from genital organs; even without knowing its exact function, people understood it to be linked to the germination of life: ignorant of the existence of the ovary, the ancients saw in menstruation the complement of the sperm. In fact, it is not this blood that makes woman impure, but rather, this blood is a manifestation of her impurity; it appears when the woman can be fertile; when it disappears, she becomes sterile again; it pours forth from this womb where the fetus is made. The horror of feminine fertility that man experiences is expressed through it.” Simone de Beauvoir



when it seems  
a fever   the 

of justice 
shivers   watch 

can feel when he and in him thumes 
a wimp

film and black of silence 
eyes stiff
they’re playing 

all randomness
the mother of 

the book
at feeling 

the main struggle to be 

delivers   mother 
— that it can feel — unsettles  
into   another’s film 
his or her book   any thinker any way 
at least the way the 

end explores supersuicide
to be 

against he against 
her stretched luxurious
across the pearl