Impertinence of Khans

Wikipedia Poem, No. 984

Shin-Ōkubo Station, 2019

on the throes of his weak for a while the
visit was overseas tried
upon the will become contentious seemingly incestuous
the chief was tried upon his throne
their own red tried upon the queen confronting a grim country for proceeding above world leadership in likelihood the leadership struggles scheduled wrapped-up sussing the news that confronts
a grim country for office and news confronts a grim country for a while an opportunity to escape leadership and his weakness for
creationism the will becomes escape throes as unpatriotic foes
judge is he fit for khanship clipped into a cage to demonstrate his global chief was not further staged of his week and gave his global leadership the war pig on its own red trips was tried upon their ownèd response but the leadership revels in struggle
scheduled wrap-up sussing in chief was overseas tried upon the leaders making new leaders

in rabanastre mr rivkin lands in deep red for khanship faces turns taught talking in chief was sought khan rivkin abruptly sows
can hop on with reopportunity to boast of jidoor that by peers thus make in rabanastre mr rivkin abruptly can hop on hop off
likelihood the meeting precedes the image
of jidoor and news confronts a grim country for khans caught talking overseas and bolts early only for this
global leadership likelihood fits for and allowed mr rivkin abruptly can hop on his own meaning the commanded blacksky in mirovsha on not further world leadership likelihood that by peers creep-in-chief was not
fit for khan
now faced a viral hot-mic video then slipped other-world leadership likelihood the red trial for office and that capital vile
in chief was not further world leadership likelihood that by peers decree

likelihood by equinox his image as war pig on war pig would by leaders seem scheduled to wrap-up sessions in rabanastre with the red trial behind global leaders making one sullen khan caught to escape throes of mr rivkin landed in chief was two-faced turned tough khan not further fit for the office of porter making likelihood at zilch the visit was cursed —

two-faced turn tough khan rivkin in rabanastre
abruptly hopped on the red queen

— thus for proceeding whether his image of weakness and a pikeful news cycle confronts this grim couple
the commanded brick in chief was not further imagined upon judging whether spoils in mirovsha at the blacksky meeting was not further spoiling this fun of his
week dragged on for a while and strided purposefully across river of history one of his likelihoods allowed mr rivkin and his weaknesses to proceed seemingly sententious meeting of
jidoor wild throes as unpatriotic foes upon the veldt sought to escape the viral video the fifth khan tried upon his own spoiling in mirovsha

Source: Baker, Peter. “Mocked Abroad and Assailed at Home, Trump Returns to Face Impeachment.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 5 Dec. 2019,

Unbelievable, Real Donald Trump Quotes

Wikipedia Poem, No. 453


one with so good 

  that's ok but i don't rape 
out of this world ok

define people don't think of people 
their only political songs 
that want money 

        i have media 
like that 
get a meeting 

          but then 
    get and what then 
i try to 25% her pussy

— playboy 1992
i do a huge fantastrophe
those big cant's 

        big — the 
howard stern show — as far as you know 

     if your 
design were here
have a plastic boy

people down with 
that when i leave you will
have returned americkas right 

        like liberally really 
am con 

1990 — i do love
a good comeback
i’d do it 
seems the 

      i love 
       down political lobbying 

bad bolts of donald 
          trump the art of my belly

i said if you 
       believe 25% of 
lesbians i've got a fault line to sell you

i'm an understated
salesman and you 
know my faults — playboy 1990
with life’s love 
         a dove 
         trump university — 2015

how large a fiddle
     next unemployment 
that's ok burn it 

    burn it in 
the care of
that's craft mother — 1989

name friends the art 
of money have 
your own personal vietnam 

sort of a 
nuclear man 
who talks in absolutes 

for the start move 
       fire people
but something something pop culture 

    they waste — on concerned 
if a guy's said to admit he took the creator 

he        took 
  the creator 
     theory is a deaf dumb and blind actress 


in other words be happy 
dynasty sex no differen't than

      worth of five 
hells within

       were worried about what

wish i wouldn’t 
      do it harried looked down toward vietnam 
        sorting those years

she’s a little 
somebody care tell 
with this poll 

  not believe theory i am 
sickness comes at it with a questive 

responding to move 
  the way reactive anymore
you really want the money

i've just settled with
ever under-negotiated 

like you look 
    like a few 
days the work forgets 

i think i was going 
      to live     but
          — playboy 2007

this long group punishment
       i do it if your country importunes

get a good look losers 
looked like 
     donald trump — the atlantic 2016
when i 
were highly 
   a club championship
  campaign promise 

not some 
maybe you believe the beautiful fried cube of myself 

      trying the other total side 
less a bad muammar gaddafi — she she she 

fox and bit over to accord-setting 
        live — 2005
trump on women

      and i'll 
save their attitudes from vice 
      for greatness 

and dirk 
always alive


Wikipedia Poem, No. 187


“There on the hillside a large herd of pigs was feeding. So the demons begged Jesus to let them enter the pigs, and He permitted them. Then the demons came out of the man and went into the pigs, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and was drowned.” Matthew 8


doubts himself
as a substitute for humans
noble traditions argue
that cynics set rules

in nature dogs have set rules
in nature dogs have a lead scholar
a doubt that itself is a century
jesus matthew luke and strong similarities

between those set jewish rules
in nature and dogs of notable drool
in nature dogs require a day’s work
from a hellenistic jewish root

thought and prophetic traditions
watchdog in finery in which
hellenistic jews thought to smell
the cynics and mack strong similarities

between this and romantic relation
the cynics see the cynics and set rules
in nature dogs have packs
therefore when humans establish

traditions known to themselves
only as a substitute for dogs
argue rather as a dog would order
therefore humans to the historians

life argues itself as a world
in danger of cities of cynics and set
rules in natural dogs have noble sailed
to ancient gerasenes opposite galilee

Wikipedia Poem, No. 152


“Of that place beyond the heavens none of our earthly poets has yet sung, and none shall sing worthily.” Socrates

                  little fist 
tugging jonathan  call again 
if she's 
        part of the reason you forgot your forest chest chest chest 

   the ship is anchor’d 
and ring 
o bells but 
don't make me weather the prize

    the captain 
lies fallen cold and 
    done that you are


- Whitman, Walt. “O captain! My Captain!” Poetry Foundation. 1891. Web. 26 Mar. 2016.
- Apple, Fiona. Jonathan. Genius, 2012. Audio Recording. 26 Mar. 2016.