O! Look! Delphinus Point and the Abandoned Lyre

Wikipedia Poem, No. 806


Kerstin Brätsch (DAS INSTITUT), Upright Tanning, 2012 (detail); From the series: Glow Rod Tanning for Das Institut & United Brothers; Interchangeable mylar (3 parts), oil on mylar; photographed at The Model, Sligo, Ireland. (with Self-Portrait)


plotted indigenous
or relatively large
anthropoidal prey
of mesoamericans indigenous
or relatively large

plotted in gold
cold cold cold
to soak maize indigenous
into a shower
of overgrown gardens

turn toward particles
turn yourself interior
kill the rich
he won’t greek
would swim out interior kill

kill the particles
turn yourself
interior the rich
he won the greeks
would swim out into stars

beside them all


See more work from Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder at the Kunsthalle Zürich.

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