London: ARE THEY ALL YOURS // Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

forms synchronised whilst high saturation and gloss strikingly contrasted with patterned skin of the snake

notions of masculinity in the digital age

Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

inspiration works both ways

Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

manipulating body

Wikipedia Poem, No. 212


“That said / it really seems / that on the bony side / we are dealing with / analogous elements of / information // For the moment / the majority of Systems / still hesitate to believe / in the possibility of war” Ghérasim Luca, Ox Nerve


hamlets are rough
tough-to-belong sub-regions
upper clapton greater hackney

employment blankets the city
places large housing pods
on the street and survives

extends estuary monitors
engages and survives extends
hackney to easterly homerton

of this place one jousts
parts of hackney to the east
and survives demolished

in 1798 the countryside rises a suffix
almost venerable ordered context
being saxon two trees bear the weight

of a brook resulting in now differing
photographs which sack the territories
iron age remains the diction of manor

the tower’s ingle for a long burns time
most venerable order of the river
lea demolished at spring and falls

toward the works
across through the course
of de beauvoir far above



untitled, 040620160940


She knows when it works
The observer’s mind snaps

Color shape but scale too
Crucial angles exploded explored

Never before
a flower truly colossal

The indisputably meditative
State of her media

Not whatsoever meditative
Her masterful trick wilting

Wikipedia Poem, No. 118


INTERVIEWER: What was it like to take high tea with William Butler Yeats?

     Cartwright calmingly my        hero  main part 
         was just         recomment it  Finally I   did most of a more 
     though, big heart       was extremely courteous, and I though,
big head, rathead her wonderful looking 
     in particulars 
       I reaping was just a    cold bath, and when 

     lit      it for Yeats, and still don't feel           he was     
just recomment back that surprise 
      he realized the said, “I had the fruits of my chamber." He 
realized that surprise he     was extremely courteous, and still don't 
how much he      day. 

He       was much he aged when 
we went in. Finally      I didn't       know on 
it's    just a cold me down. So I were         drunk early 

    succeeded the      fruits of reached here? 
And he was          just recomment. I asked for 
  Mr.     Yeats, and still don't feel 

he           drunk early succeeded various and asked for 
Mr. Yeats, and my chamber.     He was just the funniest 
       the       day. He said he        was left     over. 

The taller the fruits 
of realized that surprise not asked for 
Very kind. At a cold   bath, and 
   we arrived in the sense to me 
he was left over revise not           asked 

   forget in. Finally I didn't know, 
     but in my own. So I       were drunk 
          early succeeded various and 
take off        on my own.      So I gave revise he       
was extremely could see though, big heart was just 
    a        cold bath, and I still          don't know       my

Who is Mr. Yeats? Who is Ben Jonson?

Source: Stitt, Peter A. “John Berryman, The Art of Poetry No. 16.” Paris Review. Winter 1972. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 114

FullSizeRender 10.jpg
and others the same
  	to checked emotional
Republicans to
London, this willingness,
	who had been
    	himself in the authority to London,
   and other the horrific
  TSA Administration
of his
is "robust."
    	(this is
	(this is "robust."
     	(this is: there
 	are the reality bearing him
   	on Tuesday, Syria,
Syrian refugees
   would bring such assure of American
   a sharply worded
      	that came diggings out of the U.S. House
	which he
      	finds surrounding
on us is the
twin my house,
     	approved by
vote on this is terror attendants
	objectively candid
would bring himself
The bill, this is "robust."
(this is
fleeing on us is
the TSA Administration
	to "conceding
is: the same
diggings outcry, the U.S. House, approved by
      	the American
dream," in the American dream," in the
by U.S. House
 	bearing airplanes urging out
   	of the
  	American dream,"
  	in aviation, looked
emotion consign the twin methodology, this
the U.S.
values in
   	checked luggage.
Flight attendants objected. So
  	did airlines and
   	from some Democrat on us is terror
    	objected. So did airplanes urging out
the American dread



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