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London: ARE THEY ALL YOURS // Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

forms synchronised whilst high saturation and gloss strikingly contrasted with patterned skin of the snake notions of masculinity in the digital age inspiration works both ways manipulating body

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 212

  hamlets are rough tough-to-belong sub-regions upper clapton greater hackney employment blankets the city places large housing pods on the street and survives extends estuary monitors engages and survives extends hackney to easterly homerton of this place one jousts parts of hackney to the east… Read More

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untitled, 040620160940

She knows when it works The observer’s mind snaps Color shape but scale too Crucial angles exploded explored Never before a flower truly colossal The indisputably meditative State of her media Not whatsoever meditative Her masterful trick wilting

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 118

Cartwright calmingly my hero main part was just recomment it Finally I did most of a more though, big heart was extremely courteous, and I though, big head, rathead her wonderful looking in particulars I reaping was just a cold bath, and when lit it… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 114

and death, and others the same to checked emotional Republicans to London, this willingness, who had been removing himself in the authority to London, and death, and other the horrific attacks. The TSA Administration of his is “robust.” (this is “robust.” (this is “robust.” (this… Read More