Wikipedia Poem, No. 212

“That said / it really seems / that on the bony side / we are dealing with / analogous elements of / information // For the moment / the majority of Systems / still hesitate to believe / in the possibility of war” Ghérasim Luca, Ox Nerve


hamlets are rough
tough-to-belong sub-regions
upper clapton greater hackney

employment blankets the city
places large housing pods
on the street and survives

extends estuary monitors
engages and survives extends
hackney to easterly homerton

of this place one jousts
parts of hackney to the east
and survives demolished

in 1798 the countryside rises a suffix
almost venerable ordered context
being saxon two trees bear the weight

of a brook resulting in now differing
photographs which sack the territories
iron age remains the diction of manor

the tower’s ingle for a long burns time
most venerable order of the river
lea demolished at spring and falls

toward the works
across through the course
of de beauvoir far above



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