Toothpaste for the Young Poet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 514


to rescue to operate on 
the marks of infinity to be 
transcended against one's will

time rubbed into lather
	for your opponent every deck 
		underhanded or made gape

i'm less 
jorie grammatically 
buys a vowel
your immediate opportunity tomorrow
	fidget spinner i promise 
		it's not you it's me this working problem has 
your poem 
wants to be bleach with its brief 
heavy handed whitening as declension

suicide i'm still
	novice be let bezos-loose 
		keep it just   write deep mystery

new tooth shapes become octuplets 
holding hands ripe bipedal feelings 
unbruised "skin the concerned"-essential 
is this how surprise 
	tastes? great
		all my new deepstate teeth 

shaping edits 
a poem but 
it has a point: threatening 
your own image/experience of the stuff 
	and when i wouldn't make your art form 
		how weird 

to be bleached 
	on the castle keep 
		for posterity

Wikipedia Poem, No. 273


“A fortnight later, sense a single man / upon the trampled scene at 2 a.m. / insomnia-plagued, with a shovel / digging like mad, Lazarus with a plan / to get his own back, a plan, a stratagem / no newsman will unravel.” Berryman

        small feathers 

their absence a feature 
secondary to feather quills 
and knobs 

  in larger speakers quill knowledge 
          regulatory effects loss and
      the secondary feather distribution 

     complete understanding six low 
papillae on the quill knobs en volant 

     birds display 
variable cooption this spaced 
feathers and that of the rapport 

in cathers 
    to cally this  
   leaded life 

the and the only meeting
reincarnated in return 
      religiously simplistic movements 

the same the moment
    the view of 
      the feathers limited 

          their absence 
is of right addition 

the secondary feathered 
         posterior so



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untitled, 062920162232

counting dead at
the airport terminal
the line begins

to the left
as does each
subsequent sentence ends

in punctuation the
point of convention?
disambiguation terminates belief


— at the end of
the sentence I prefer
no punctuation. Yet here I am
God amongst grammarians
rationalizing with botany