Breakfast in Bed (Overnight Iranian Forces Fire)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 778


overnight iranian forces fire
d around 20 rockets into the
israeli-controlled golan heights target
ing forward positions of the israel
i military according to an
israeli military spokesman the
rockets were all either intercepted
or fell short of their mark the spokesman said
but were nevertheless a signifi
cant escalation in iran’s maneuv
ers in the middle east though israel
has hit iranian forces in syr
ia with a number of deadly air
strikes tehran has been restrained in hitting
back until now until now until now
by thursday morning the country’s air force

‘There Are No Innocent People in Gaza’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 752


defense minister avigdor liberman on sunday said us president donald trump did not ask for israels view before announcing his planned withdrawal of american troops from syria adding that the jewish state will likely have to operate alone against its various enemies he also slammed international criticism of the killing of nine palestinians during fridays clashes on the gaza border branding it hypocrisy and claiming there were no innocent people in gaza he later clarified that his use of the hebrew word tamim was intended to mean not innocent but naive president trump didnt ask me liberman said when asked during an interview with israel radio about the us plan to leave syria despite israeli fears of iranian-backed terror groups encroaching on its northern border i wouldnt presume to give advice that hasnt been requested from me


Source: Bachner, Michael. “Liberman Signals Trump Didn’t Consult with Israel on Syria Withdrawal.” The Times of Israel, 8 Apr. 2018. 10:15 a.m. Web.

Abbas Akhavan

Wikipedia Poem, No. 565


Abbas Akhavan, Fatigues, 2014; Detail (White-tailed Deer); Taxidermy animal. 48 x 150 x 179 cm; Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal

around politics 
   art finds 
(politeness &
   broken up like meringues 
   receives convalescence 
   — here's our alma matermill
   — the center that finds the new center 
a curtain & documents proving exploitation 
in fabrication a/o the study of reading habits
   — montreal 2017  
   — hackensack 2017 
   — so many things are stacked
& perspectives
stuck   & solo exhibitions including nature
& how we remember september 
   (not even paris immune

Wikipedia Poem, No. 62; Netanyahu 2

“Now, / two matter / and / world’s: aggress.”


Netanyahu 2

must nuclear 
weapons, what Iran. 
So, tons on you for 
ther for the 
     current aid.


two matter 
world's: aggress.

     Accord. You don't been 
about and the said 
a change and the Jewish state. 
May were second...
If all that even if Israel.

       Iran's part 
the separatefully in Iran to 
the Straits 
          lacked by 
       enjoy the Carmed last 
survivor as a secutes of 
what the regime, espectors during, 
     up four 
sover what 
empire will 
          always a 
   broke to Presider 
Minority cooperatic missile the void to 
stand gentlement home?

We call 


      If al