Do You Know Kurdistan? (Truth is an Unclean Room and an Embarrassed Child)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 933

Day of Rest (Hiwa-Serra), 2019
Day of Rest (Hiwa-Serra), 2019

“Your brother is shooting you.” Hiwa K

ˈstɑːn/; kurdish entirety population and kurds”) or greater kurdistan (/ˌkɜːrdɪˈstæn, ˈstɑːn/; kurdistan (/ˌkɜːrdɪˈstæn, ˈstɑːn/; kurdish people form a prominent majority population and kurdistan roughly defined geo-cultural historical region of kurdish cultural historically based. kurdish people form a prominent majority population and kurdish: کوردستان‎ [ˌkʊɾdɯˈstɑːn] (about this soundlisten); lit. “region of kurdish irredentist claims. the territory corresponds to kurdish people from a prominent majority population and kurdish irredentity population and the vast annex

use of the term campaign for greater autonomy with kurdistan), northern campaign for greater independent nationalist organizational boundariestan kurdistan), northern of these areas: southeastern turkey (northern iraq (southeastern turkey (northern iraq (southeastern turkey (northern turkey (northern turkey (northwestern turkey (northers create an independent national boundaries area: southeastern turkey (northern creature autonomy with a kurdish nationalist organization state an independent nationalist organizationalist organizationalist organizationalist organizational boule

government, their own government, unredeemed autonomy in a feudal syrian civil war was a province by their own government forces, loyal to take control of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of families large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of northern syrian civil war where is the province by the name kurdistan first gained as an autonomous federal state after the federal syrian civil war where is is not is not is

The Mitterrand–Pasqua Affair (Charlotte Rampling)

Wikipedia Poem. No. 866


Bad manmade structures effluent as a pistol and Caprus, while a
good more easily in
marmalade darkness, can lose
things dreamt amongst millennials is that a terrible
parts per trillion of iridium
in engineering a recalled forecast about 2 years into the Lycus. 
         The most common lyre is time
has died during an outflowing of the alien. Laodicea
is a ball. It's an outflowing,
inescapable parts perform
more violently, about
20 parts per trillion of
you can lose
your thought, dear reader, what a dogged lover 
or gas to go to: 
         The figurative thing is the alien.
Laodicea is my substitute for a
philothaumaturgical body of water, Asopus and
         their waters; Asopus an
outflowing end.

Are things of water
outflowing or are there magic
ends, while a good more
easily my substitute
forecast something like 2 years into any
water or gas to go: They last approximately 2 years into
iridium in
the figurative thing of iridium dreamt there
amongst the sheeply
hills between the shapely forms of the bad moon
in small rivers Asopus and Caprus, while a good 
         more easily in
         my substitute forms bad moons in
their waters, Asopus and Caprus,
while a god, more
easily in my godhead, news performs more violently 
         and it's a ball. 

It's the figurative forms of a performative structure. 
         Effluent is my substitute.
Forms bad-out like a fan of marmalade structures.
         Effluent is their water or gas-to-go: Where the
form more easily
engineer a chemical reactor. Fluent, more violent,
about 20 parasite dreams per beknighted forgotten desire
amongst millennials. Situate the long spur of iridium
in magic... shucks, 
         we're talking about
         time, someone has to die.

Only about 20
parts per trillion of you can lose the figurative thread.
Forms made into a milkshake-like lattice. Effluent 
         is the difference between
lover-of-magic bodies and given bodies between the 
and, well,
you: Bouton-de-Roses,
terrible parasite dream, millennials, 
         outflow of advertising
structures. Effluent, in reverse, 
         returns to the figurative think tank
what a lover knows is how to make figurative 
         the inescapable parts 
         per trillion of you, Bouton-de-Roses, 
         that a terrible end fears ends.
         Are we thinking in English again? is like what a terrible
dream amongst friends.
Floating down the Caprus, while a good more violently,
         about 20 parasite dreams
attempt to bring forth the common alien in law. 
         Laodicea is hell.



Wikipedia Poem, No. 365


For Andrey Karlov, Mevlut Mert Altintas and victims of violence everywhere

and instead
the associated press
powerful because highly graphic

their reaction liberates of them
perpetrators of the same is
many among the perpetrators

the periodicals of revulsion though toward one’s blind back
about those who did see so what
it was a shooting this idea of war

we have seen burning reproduce
photographers captured outrageous going
their actual liberties their reactional imperatives

the scarlet effect they help define it
they help develop it even monotonously
the immediate introduction of the photographer is

immediately possessed
it should change but a 9-year-old changes later
no matter the is

i thought aloud about the pictured moment
the scarlet banging when they were and these
police continue powerful as a war

even more
the gunmen
we help the defining of this

the 9-year-old’s reaction
the historian executed
a good battle photograph captures conflict then defines the picture

with outrageous acts
outrageous actuals of said i
this republic of the dead

is also powerful
is because is
no one is asking it    is it

Wikipedia Poem, No. 255


“Elmina was Auschwitz.” Frederick Seidel


carrion she depends on charity
tossing love from the third century
braced below by remains clarity

skeletal american military air
base arms force her forward
heart unsuccessfully toward

the hungry police at river edge coup
shed night like a shroud upend
martial chaos and circle overhead