Wikipedia Poem, No. 365

For Andrey Karlov, Mevlut Mert Altintas and victims of violence everywhere

and instead
the associated press
powerful because highly graphic

their reaction liberates of them
perpetrators of the same is
many among the perpetrators

the periodicals of revulsion though toward one’s blind back
about those who did see so what
it was a shooting this idea of war

we have seen burning reproduce
photographers captured outrageous going
their actual liberties their reactional imperatives

the scarlet effect they help define it
they help develop it even monotonously
the immediate introduction of the photographer is

immediately possessed
it should change but a 9-year-old changes later
no matter the is

i thought aloud about the pictured moment
the scarlet banging when they were and these
police continue powerful as a war

even more
the gunmen
we help the defining of this

the 9-year-old’s reaction
the historian executed
a good battle photograph captures conflict then defines the picture

with outrageous acts
outrageous actuals of said i
this republic of the dead

is also powerful
is because is
no one is asking it    is it

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