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Corruptions in Nature

“I know where you’re taking me”   chit! the tufted headboard sneers in ice-colored silence   chit! chit! beside a self-possessed brown woman with neither a name nor eyebrows   chit! chit! chit! and six-figured earrings; sniffling mongrel inside the leica   chit!   slurps wild… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 323

For Raphael _ONE come rubber the tenement the city beneath a way to take one to grade in new york los angelessor on a completely hits highlighth grazing says good god have you seen what helps me sleep centerestaurant in these organize performance leave home… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 282

  an esbat vinery and group in order to god alone at itself-sufficient prayer having been etymological school or destroyer-formed in divine wonderstanding a further being is evident that for venergy and vipassanā council of catholic devotion as a king oneself-sufficient love is that which… Read More