Portrait of Shiva as 1,500 Terabytes of Genetic Code

Wikipedia Poem, No. 647


“different animals in the same ecosystem pick up on different environmental signals”

diction of distraction far away real
but exploding from fiction resource scarcity
sacrifice in the newsroom what a thrill to disappear
into the lush terrarium of cum dribbled into a kleenex

that warm dark drunk feeling of being a white male in total control
far away but also exploding to simulate the umwelt
what has been dumped into the smell of vacation at the
colossi of memnon life’s unrecognizable terrarium of cum

dribbled into the kleenex those eye glasses look real expensive
one’s unique genetic code disappears into the far away flush
jail broken to simulate pain and sacrifice the smell
of resource scarcity like scarification in the newsroom

what a thrill to create from vivisected tissue those colossi look
so expensive beside wrecked kleenex flushed into a cum soaked
terrarium into one’s unique genetic code disappears far away
shiva real fricative expensive controls resource scarcity

sacrifice is that no-feeling of being black out drunk
in god’s lush terrarium with cum spurting into the newsroom
any newsroom really what a cheap trick the adrenaline
what a thrill to be undervalued and overperform

Corruptions in Nature

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“lovely longing lone lingam / plugging the vastness” Ed Sanders

“I know where you’re taking me”   chit!
the tufted headboard sneers in ice-colored silence   chit! chit!

beside a self-possessed brown woman
with neither a name nor eyebrows   chit! chit! chit!
and six-figured earrings; sniffling mongrel

inside the leica   chit!   slurps wild gooseberries
and soaks his chalky bastard skin in champagne;
chit! chit! chit!

my hands bound behind in priceless
handcuffs    chit!   emblazoned with carved jade

cabochon rubies hammered 18k gold
my wrists worn to worm   chit!