Claiming Power Without Snatching Power

Wikipedia Poem, No. 830


conversation in large baths of anything — or 
central german giants plug patterns in the 
        the fields did 
     couldn’t playing to you keep 
         — showed up 

      you started 
      to recognize 
the teams 

       the field 
is seasonal 

for these 
secure noun-free fields 

plug patter tomorrow night away 
         tell me the dialogue likely under bias 

reject me at 8 p.m. 

rejection home case 
our live olive oil of contempt hauteur 

   here ask me to like this conversation 
   then add two more problems 
       two more facts and 
       one cup of giants' steps

“if you are 
asking for a friend
there are none inside" 

oy vey what a quest 
but the learning listening slurped up boiling ramen express 
with salted verbs and generative steam responses 

the second of his requests:
      38th street nine thousand paces north to machine learning 
partial neural 
    networking your looks 
   a little 
been out of so-called “liable dialogue" for days  

liable enough 
to keep you inside you all day 
     when though 
       to the consent response 
    there's a glimmering detection of reality 

how if you 
        neural ramen  
  dirty little  
data points 
the engineers hope to ready for market 
and identify the guilty home addresses 
in your darkest hour of saint boniface's soul 

your car 
    like contempt hauteur 
here don’t touch that code 
  it's hot  digital 
        networks to 
        these fields of  
     avoidants the bits and bops analyzing algorithms 
rewriting algorithms flying overhead and ribboning up the heart 

can mean recognition 
constructs response time  
         that we were what new men call “conversational"
is useful 

here are three 
    steps if you want 
         2 become a giant: 

     own networks of cedar

pause every 7 hours  
and dialogue with rejection 

   bias the river (stream creek impregnable of eye
its response to three steps if you can understand 
nancy under simple wooden crucifix fulda was all we'll ever have

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