Fireworks for Woody Allen, Who We All Agree is Problematic

Wikipedia Poem, No. 617


“I know it’s not fair / to see qualities of injustice in the aesthetics / of a garden, but somewhere between / what the eye sees and what the mind thinks / is the world” Rick Barot

ladies sluts
          orangemen bitches social justice warriors 
poets peacocks cucks cucks cucks beta          
males alpha
    dogs fuck boys men cuties and cucks cucks cucks
       social justice warriors    bitches too
poets peasants pests conquerors conjurers poets pets
          painters poets peaceniks
       cocks slipper clutches supermen cucks cucks
   cucks   the blessed lord above
beelzebub and thug


Abraham Lincoln, in 1824, Tries on Women’s Clothing and No One Bats a Lash

Wikipedia Poem, No. 616


“If all this be not rebellion, I know not what to call it. I certainly regard it as sufficient legal cause for suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.” William W. Morris

gray to wear lipstick his mouth
he ate breakfast before lincoln wanted
to like to wear lipstick his mother wore
lincoln wanted to wish away war lincoln
wanted to like his mother school her
wear her caring peach lincoln wanted his mouth
to mother his mouth he watched her
thin serious mouth he wondered what
i could do for him and why she did
most mornings air on most mornings while
budget-bonded why she did it efficient
elegant wary to wear lipstick that
i could why all night she wears lipstick
his mouth he wondered while tightening the draw
strings of his small leather sack why
she did it freshly applied
she did it as commentary

The 24 Hottest New Textures from #ParisFashionWeek

Wikipedia Poem, No. 614

obscene odes 
on windows of the skull
rural happiness of the book 
nature stealthily glowers orders 
a chinch from the middle of the night 
i do i do i watch the whole red attitude burst
a sunday centipeded under what you kids do up 
high from the bakery floor obsessed á votre santé
to becoming a book or divest a heaping fluted salary 
you must flaunt should flaunt & flip
hair texture even steal you a parisian tip 
you transom into the monolith (for thirty year wardrobes 
over your shoulder that or these t-shirt saleswomen 
parisian-end hole suddenly wallet possible
nevery morning since that order got me silked
sommen i know flaunt the wake up spilt
you slip next to slots time worn on your shore heart
like a sleeve   i'm here and talking to you reader 
salary red i do i do i don’t happen which is obsessed? 
i don’t have an attitude    sunday morning & you a sudden

Strange Candy

Wikipedia Poem, No. 613


“Crack, crack, old ship! so long as thou crackest, thou holdest!” Melville

xerxes burrows into his thing-pink shirt for safety     i never said 
he plays with geometry    not consciously however    i 
pity him    welcome him to his soul    where 
hallucinations manifest themselves     into the guy or gal
the bloodpool    dreams of the battle of thermopylae     sit down 
hero     he wants a backyard with high fences     he wants 
to be the president 
very badly      darius sends emissaries to each greek city-state
information passes through still photographs until xerxes' body


Here Is Where I Put My Mouth: Munching on the Avant-Garde

Wikipedia Poem, No. 610


“Writing is the joy when all other joys have failed.” Russell Edson

superfood and the rack     what happened?        
sighs three discernible discriminatory criteria: it will take      
precisely inspired futures          used precisely necessarily 
conventions in current conventions in halls             
comparably it transcends current conventions 
claims      richard kostelanetz   in current         criteria: it should 
refer to findings and beliefs 
the term avant-garde refers to its maximum audience
and the secret of current conventions in current practices
it    should     listen to those out for dreg hormones 
the secret         of           current considerable discriminatory criteria: it
    transcends current conventions in comparable   halls   
discriminatory criteria should refer to those out for dreg hormones 
watch out for dreg hormones          the secret of currents 
conventioned hall like other joy is a superfood and the secret 

it should refer to its maximum audience
watch out for forging a path        that happened? sighs the mass 
watch out for dreg hormones three         discriminatory criteria: 

one it should refer to those out       for dreg hormones 
two the secret       of current conventions is another other joy 
three when all other joy is dismissed hell is the pull of the rack             

what happened? sighs transcendent practices
out from behind dreg hormones comes the mass of the mass   
of    the mess        watch out    for the secret of the rack   

what happened? the sighs of the mess locked in our cathedral   
comparable to time find probably it should refer to       itself 
and the secret of convection   in our cathedral     it will take 
other joy where was a superfood    when you so desperately need one

Think Deeply: Read This

Adam Etinson in The New York Times takes a fascinating look in the social-mirror at the 20-year-old John Stuart Mill’s crippling crisis of purpose:

“There is something comical about Mill’s self-implosion; it’s as if he had spent years looking forward to a sailing trip only to suddenly realize, upon embarkation, that he hated boats.

“It is also strangely relatable. We have all lost faith in a deeply held project at one time or another. And, politically, we are in an age of upheaval; faith in old ideals seems to be dying out, creating a vacuum. Perhaps we can learn something about ourselves, and our political moment, by peering into Mill’s own crisis of faith.”

‘she uses her height, leaning into the crowd, moving her face close and staring fiercely, between screams and maniacal laughs’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 609

“Still, there are ways / of touching without bulldozing.” Ruth Madievsky

sail between
make it surreal   easy 
name a standup comic 
that could be   anyone
so we'll make it   easier
name a standup comic 
called salvador didion née carlin
ok   that   could be anyone
so we'll make it   sleazier
name a standup comic   remover 
a 40-year spill 
spot a 50-year turn 
into his own unique breakfast 
one-liners that kill a tourist spill- 
spot   a place and now he’s gone
tell me   about some   people       
who were   here
here there   here where   anywhere
hear hear   name a   dear preamble no       
preamble   no surrealistic buildup 
or any kind of fan service 
less rhodes straddled coffee   helios          
possibility to work with   voice made kind joke    
them haha yokes   or maybe little zen koans       
disguised as arid hardpan 
call out   morning coffee 
give helios at rhodes something
to work with   war   made kind joke 
or maybe   more or less