Wikipedia Poem, No. 297


via Ennius

of sufficient 
praxes poetry 
      comes pen back 
of routine scaling else 

Alas! a king's remains, 

the plaque in latin which 
has homer return early 
a dentist concluded that 
you eat cavities 

half-burned, covered with blood, 

homer's dentist 
doesn’t rinse that would 
         be pared to risk of bias 
the epicharms 
again suffer for ennius 
took on the part of
     mother strength 
        the turned-elegant cavities 

Torn to the bone, 

show easy 
       it doesn’t 
          means of men be no different  
  that ennius would or could intervenire 
       our teeth transmission suffer 
          concluded by part

and dragged in shame amid the mud!

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