Wikipedia Poem, No. 356



lithuanian kenčiu
suffer what arouses
pity arouses pray

or sorrow from the greek
pathos suffer pakanta
grief sorrow from the weak

patience sorrow
from the proto indo
european kwent to suffer

endure source
also of old irish cessaim
i suffer and penthos suffer

endure irish suffering feeling
feeling feeding emotion calamity
literally what befalls one

Wikipedia Poem, No. 254


“Here I am, looking around the room / At everyone getting old except the young, / Discovering that I am lacking in vanity, Not that I care, being debonair, / Delighted by an impairment of feeling / That keeps everything away, / People standing around in a display case / Even when they are in bed with you, / And the laser-guided bombs destroy the buildings / Inside the TV, not that I care, / Not that I do not like it all, / Not that I am short or tall, / Not that I do not like to be alive, / And I appeal to you for pity, / Having in mind that you will read this / Under circumstances I cannot imagine / A thousand years from now.” from Frederick Seidel’s “Death of Shah”


along is no arrests over my
new and insofar as they deem new dimension
so yesterday evening lost one hand

philandered world of the name
it propels the car into facebook’s wall
the first times disembodied her victims

to facebook page under all medics
stopped still closely months after
facebook undead one handed and

maybe a facebook page under alike
maybe moment live fellas god gone
one not before our eyes we’ve gotten

soon was less severe sides of a paramedic on me
somebody’s got to sometimes by a voice: i hope
it’s graphic interviewed more but other victims were

sometimes disturbing but in the live force
thirty seats thirty seats hope it’s in the car’s
facebook page the car’s floorboard talking

along to comment as its prompted demon-strangers
and clined growing she said but in the car’s floorboard
talking for removal of consciousness everyone watch

terrorists are vital injured for nursing about three boyfriends
facebook poses comments and a florida man’s hurting rubber
boys when the phone hands armed as it happened adds and

finished live feed empty seat hope it’s graphic sometimes disturbing
but others subscribe to the norse myth singing like a bullet
a bullet out of her boyfriend’s voices to acknown comment

who arrests over shooting bullet out students two other songs
the camera pointing in the adds a haunting is so users on
the recorded gets you monitor for nursing this magic protest

videos do undead town-halled voices “i hope the videos live stile
bullet outpourings home” from students trending to friends
facebook wall justified videos have turned growing clinical

tour of norse police accounts and a one-handed facebook phone
subscribes to our newest fears chilled unjust as it was
uploaded 1.65 billion times it propels the last case in a motive

an empty seat hope it happened a trend to people
was less everyone not thru knowledge thru i’m praying
lost one hand philanderer wake up graphic

sometime in high school they’re consciousness
everyone’s hand a voyeur a trend for people
from this page but other-allied will close

victims were disembodied
from stuff like the news feed
them empty seats and hope

Wikipedia Poem, No. 225


“The poem is always a record of failure.” Ben Lerner


accidō ‎
transitive – I fall down, upon, at or near; descend.
intransitive – I happen (to), take place, occur, befall.



last december in america
being bullet or vacuum
or various plane crashes

in orlando but its not unusual
americans the fbi this level
people daily death in accido

in america people attack americans
people attack busses accido buses in
america trucks motorcycles accido

every day an american dreams of killing
killed by a few at a time guns accido
california shot death rates include

losses from gun homicides and
every million people san bernardino
homicides are common death

in america guns include common
arms as uncommon cause
of accompanying causes dye

deadly die homicide deathly many as
many as many as many as many as
many as die from guns and suicide

annual events in a typical year help highlight
how exceptional companies cause gun homicides
highlights exceptional attacks nearly nearby

as many as die from guns
annual rates in america than
then than then right how now



exceptional accompanying tables show
populations of companies table shootings
as many as many as many as

provide numbers control disease
as many recent studies osculate a-
round developed countries

we are rare and high
articles choosen between
countries and studies and

the top of gun death instead
shows the differences and are
as many as many as many as caused

international overall arms
accido neighboring nations
were not meant to number

at the barbarous difference statistics
on american gun deaths fair from far
as a way to provide death

the united states and developed countries
the united states developed countries
the united states developed

the states developed
developed states
states state ate

in a gun death
light closes parts
of anima mundi



Wikipedia Poem, No. 216


“Behind the mask / Is still a continental appreciation / Of what is fine, rarely appears and when it does is already / Dying on the breeze that brought it to the threshold / Of speech.” from John Ashbery, A Man of Words, 1975


it would happen if
some imaginable
i’m going down

sixth avenue they
need a bae just say
sentiment right cruel

invite that worst imp
oyster i’m going packaged
neatly profused anxiety

i have murdered you
a total party in the yard
a public father’s day card

one birthday illustrated
an honest and fluent
negation of celebrity desires

i was clear and aggressive
this reflex of sorry all trying
i didn’t invite you to pleasure



Wikipedia Poem, No. 110


“Beauty cannot account for how the sparkplug works. / But if a sparkplug doesn’t work, it is more beautiful. / If I display a sparkplug, it is sculpture.” Ben Lerner

pergola leads to the worked in a public sculpture 
although that combination with iron this art unscreen 
to question workers metal worse the new boxes 
of artists rights comes that the provides   
We wanted Corten known as a weather 
the contrast and impose is cited Arc 
was a weather public spaces combining 
from past and give views to inspire sections 
in story of Corten known as Corten known 
as Corten known as welded cladding in the Visual Art 
and property right in 1990 as approached by local colonnade 
likely never bureaucration preference 


There'd into envisible space in effect 
Matthias Matthias Matthias 
passing the commuters are courts Serra legitimaterintuitive 
voted metal give voted Arc sculpture of art historefront of litigation 
for the Foley Plaza Serra the General Blades   
Lengths of tapered metal give vote saying that 
existent controvert would notorious public space 
in 1979 Because that existic producer of paintimate remnants 
and give views to prosody in through the Foley Plaza as Corten 
known welded glazine broader of Corten known as createrial 
Matthias Matthias Matthias
of the rich reveals to cladding of oxidised sculpture comes plate-likely attracted 

  It was
Every time provides 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 77


“Each game skill level provides general difficulty settings that allow a greater variety of players to enjoy the game.”

          this is 
skill level problem in analyzing novices
their feelings, frequency of 
    exacerbated feelings, frequency of the game, all emotion rates. 
       feelings, silhouette mental health results 
      or might 
     want to currently collect cultural 
          norms their 
feelings, frequency of 
current colorful name sculpting bias. This the result of 
results or the 
      skill level problem in analyzing 
   “tough it 

“La casa dei doganieri” by Eugenio Montale (& 2 translations)

“La casa dei doganieri”

Tu non ricordi la casa dei doganieri
Sul rialzo a strapiombo sulla scogliera:
Desolata t’attende dalla sera
In cui v’entrò lo sciame dei tuoi pensieri
E vi sostò irrequieto.

Libeccio sferza da anni le vecchie mura
E il suono del tuo riso non è più lieto:
La bussola va impazzita all’avventura
E il calcolo dei dadi più non torna.
Tu non ricordi; altro tempo frastorna
La tua memoria; un filo s’addipana.

Ne tengo ancora un capo; ma s’allontana
La casa e in cima al tetto la banderuola
Affumicata gira senza pietà.
Ne tengo un capo; ma tu resti sola
Né qui respiri nell’oscurità.

Oh l’orizzonte in fuga, dove s’accende
Rara la luce della petroliera!
Il varco è qui? (Ripullula il frangente
Ancora sulla balza che scoscende …)
Tu non ricordi la casa di questa
Mia sera. Ed io non so chi va e chi resta.


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wikipedia poem, no. 17


        6 days
account that
I am a long 
household feeling from drunkenness self I have
no deal withdrawn from drunken 
he is 
close There I drink quality 
I do not want sympathy I’m supposed to deal with 
    I drink 
    me My eyes have 
  changed; my husband (although being stories 
	I am 
always that 
          age 14
I am always that I failed 
to become
      well in 
         my mother 
         anyway,) I did this point I do to work 
	often become
in the alcohol
around my 
    and friends, at always 
6 days of doom. 
It’s 6 days.

Dinner Poem


At the earliest ending of childhood
At 30
Creamy yolk, sharp red horns

Pepper-punch out from the plate
Here, there about the ocean
A potato, an isle of curled spinach

Dash of self-sufficiency, salt, Love
As the sun sets precisely at six
No longer a scrawny burger washed down by coke

for Wally

untitled 030620132117

the details unremarkable 
but important everything visual
mostly but alkali when you kiss 
it isn’t her mouth you taste but your
listing now gently breath bowing out
there on the sea lost in labor

what sense what’s lost and begs no leaving  
but for it time gales and there on the sea
floor full of tidal sludge — green, gray
hammering out — a stony pitch:

details unremarkable
nothing visual, nothing reckoned
but halved and accounted.