Wikipedia Poem, No. 254

“Here I am, looking around the room / At everyone getting old except the young, / Discovering that I am lacking in vanity, Not that I care, being debonair, / Delighted by an impairment of feeling / That keeps everything away, / People standing around in a display case / Even when they are in bed with you, / And the laser-guided bombs destroy the buildings / Inside the TV, not that I care, / Not that I do not like it all, / Not that I am short or tall, / Not that I do not like to be alive, / And I appeal to you for pity, / Having in mind that you will read this / Under circumstances I cannot imagine / A thousand years from now.” from Frederick Seidel’s “Death of Shah”


along is no arrests over my
new and insofar as they deem new dimension
so yesterday evening lost one hand

philandered world of the name
it propels the car into facebook’s wall
the first times disembodied her victims

to facebook page under all medics
stopped still closely months after
facebook undead one handed and

maybe a facebook page under alike
maybe moment live fellas god gone
one not before our eyes we’ve gotten

soon was less severe sides of a paramedic on me
somebody’s got to sometimes by a voice: i hope
it’s graphic interviewed more but other victims were

sometimes disturbing but in the live force
thirty seats thirty seats hope it’s in the car’s
facebook page the car’s floorboard talking

along to comment as its prompted demon-strangers
and clined growing she said but in the car’s floorboard
talking for removal of consciousness everyone watch

terrorists are vital injured for nursing about three boyfriends
facebook poses comments and a florida man’s hurting rubber
boys when the phone hands armed as it happened adds and

finished live feed empty seat hope it’s graphic sometimes disturbing
but others subscribe to the norse myth singing like a bullet
a bullet out of her boyfriend’s voices to acknown comment

who arrests over shooting bullet out students two other songs
the camera pointing in the adds a haunting is so users on
the recorded gets you monitor for nursing this magic protest

videos do undead town-halled voices “i hope the videos live stile
bullet outpourings home” from students trending to friends
facebook wall justified videos have turned growing clinical

tour of norse police accounts and a one-handed facebook phone
subscribes to our newest fears chilled unjust as it was
uploaded 1.65 billion times it propels the last case in a motive

an empty seat hope it happened a trend to people
was less everyone not thru knowledge thru i’m praying
lost one hand philanderer wake up graphic

sometime in high school they’re consciousness
everyone’s hand a voyeur a trend for people
from this page but other-allied will close

victims were disembodied
from stuff like the news feed
them empty seats and hope

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