Sitting on the Bus (Ellsworth Kelly)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 941

movement within the frame movement
within the rods and cones? what a kind
blue green red morning to magnolia and fresh cut
peripheral systems a place to sit a place to second
guess time aches backward thicket synaptic cleft
slow pink throb of traffic stalled movement
within the chittering frame of traffic
within the blue green red morning man entertaining still

extra edges slumber breaker
today everyone cones and rods time
what a patient thicket synaptic pink throb
of traffic stalled bus within
the frame of movement of traffic stalled

the question
lines and points? what kind of
camouflage causes
the eye to magnolia?
what a kind man. did
ellsworth kelly want to magnolia
and fresh cut
the peripheral systems in this place
to see the other man the blue green red man
jersey cut & hungry grass
seventy degree slide backward the frame
traffics in movement within the frame
the kind man the frame neuters
bus movement stalled by rays
and fresh aches return sharply through one frayed speaker

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Teaching Literature in a Discredited Civilization

Wikipedia Poem, No. 496


houses on this dial paired  
with one who dials out 
and his block with many people on it 
one who moves verges on this pair  
one who dials out 
a broad bruised hand 
sitting on condescending they 
are many 
houses on a 5D model 
apartment dwellers wrong laugh condescending
cry to the condescending cry
to the moon instead of death and 5D avenues 
with many houses on a 5D model 
apartment dwellers 
in pairs 
one who dials out and is weaker for it
a wrestler wrestlers stolen long neck 
some on this block with many 5D vacancies
modeled after men crying under floorboards 
one who dials out 
pairs with many alcoholic halfway homes
just two letters 
condescending to 
          gutlight catholics 
5D model apartment dwellers with many missing hearts