Manliness is a Terrifying Idea (Dan Graham)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 758


misunderstand basically a corporate site  
    my work     has to be people     misunderstand its heroic alienation 
      it’s a basic critique of alienationship 
to be sure         people misunderstand basic      society 
        corporate site work         has        that     way about it maybe 
people        misunderstand its     alienation   my work has to     baffle perplex 
misunderstand it       that way maybe     sphinx-like 
misunderstood it’s to be people misunderstand its 
          basic tongues of alienhood other jumbles 
          people misunderstand it’s basically   a corporate bulldog   people 
                    misunderstand its basic sociological critique
                              kill skin 
                                        and roast 
                                                  the brutalist 


Dining Rooms Don’t Dine (A Discussion on Health Care in America)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 512

“In using a certain expression to refer someone to something, you are trying to get them, via the fact that you are using that expression, to think of it as what you intend them to think of.” from Kent Bach’s “What Does it Take to Refer?”

governments don't 
don't govern men america 
must precisely shame our nation 
into contemporary amazon
american culture antagonistic stone 
      glow health 
  care sizzling
swing together 
    with the future of word america
tyranny woolcapped proposal revolution 
overthrow the 
   that choice of 
         false rule be it
      tolerable tolerable 
      tolerable tolerable 
    tolerable crush 
tolerable crescendo
be it touching my tolerable hand

“Half-listening is a skill”


“Villa Göth Interiör, övervåning”; September 22, 1952; Sune Sundahl

Half-listening is a skill
Half-listening is a cathedral

Half-listening is a virtue
Half-listening is a viscoelastic 

Half-listening is a delight
Half-listening is a 15x 
    scale model of a tumid vulva
    weighing in at 6,000 lbs.

Half-listening is a suffering
Half-listening is a dire 
    brutalist skull 

Half-listening is a patience
Half-listening is a burnt 
    altar, unattended

Half-listening is a craft
Half-listening is a cathedral