Our Hero Discovers Pure Empathy In the Dustless Prop Corners of Episodic Soft-Input Humor

Wikipedia Poem, No. 582


niece        put             aliens           audience put  humor maw the gaudier       not soft-hence      put   claw        the          seep not       somnolence put         h audience   claw  the     aliens cl-vulgar audience spymaster epithet  do  derringer  not     soft-soft-fidget-fingered they  dosses lazily they-audience pains            claw   mistery          cedes they dose soft-humor modesty they gar alienist alienable alliance        put hut episodes            episodically the humor a mess claw teens  claw salient  clangor  mysterious the audit  soft-episodes tho not  softly         do interdependence put h aliens called softy  cl-hey do see claw            the liens            claw hence put aw        the               noble might           episodic soft-input humor  deep not o  deep not    deep  not nor mysteriousness  impudence pew  claw the fingerling alien audience ye do    peppery episodes do parade  aliens  at aliens at aliens teary piso not soft-oft-fingering humor       misery     he simply wants out

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