The Internet Appears in the Morning Like a Hand / Full of Cashews and Coconut Meat

Wikipedia Poem, No. 508


from your
genderlesque moiré two water suns
train invasive things

the percieved field
is most like my clause
before stolen ice cream

in order to think
like singing deploy
textbook masturbation

thighs swing
across the marketplace
air like hangman

powerful free diogenes
sidling cloud crab
then off she petals paper

dress of gauze
grazing blue-white dross
still die high in its gaze

Postmodern Sonnet

They. Who? Remixed your soul.
A name chopped past MIRAFYN
Then a number, roughly, an age?
A scratch of photos suggesting a girl. You? Too
Old. 24. We bear the weight unnaming
You of living. Who? Leave this place we will find you
Followers who know better, me
Who cannot figure out why 
No better, tho I sure as hell feel it
Come to my bones.

"I so want to touch you
To your face, lips,
Can we get acquainted?"

Wikipedia Poem, No. 64

Scenario No. 1174a

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an extinction or biotic 
large-scale mass extinctions 
	marine ambivalence 
in a geologically short 
        large-scale major mass extinctions have 
    significantly used the Earth
mass extinction rates; 
a biologically short ride, as they say
      microbial plant spectral measurements 
estimates low 
         threshold chosen for Earth such 
   an extinction 
        or biomass extinction 
rate of animal, lovely abundance
	like a gun