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Against Poetry (Only Poetry Can Save America)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 863 more accurately the king’s horses relieve themselves on the peoples’ road the debut of new consumer electronics consider a more influential movement on a less significant highway of mighty commercehead as the most influential movement as a poetic terms of service… Read More

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This pattern supports previous research which found the beneficial potential for humor to release negative mood scales and replace them with a positive sense of euphoria or elation. Both males and females appear to benefit from the enjoyment of specific humor content when angered. Source:… Read More

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“Mars and Venus come back anew / They give each other mad kisses”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 749 “The people who most needed god were the people who were kept outside.” Michael Simpson aperture propose emphasis or another kind of trying possibility of eurydicean seam paris review summer critique don’t get the internet started on architecture i typed brutalism… Read More

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The Internet Appears in the Morning Like a Hand / Full of Cashews and Coconut Meat

Wikipedia Poem, No. 508 from your genderlesque moiré two water suns train invasive things the percieved field is most like my clause before stolen ice cream in order to think like singing deploy textbook masturbation thighs swing across the marketplace air like hangman powerful free… Read More

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Postmodern Sonnet

They. Who? Remixed your soul. A name chopped past MIRAFYN Then a number, roughly, an age? A scratch of photos suggesting a girl. You? Too Old. 24. We bear the weight unnaming You of living. Who? Leave this place we will find you Followers who… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 64

View this post on Instagram Scenario No. 1174a A post shared by joseph m. gerace (@bogotahorrible) on Apr 14, 2015 at 5:51pm PDT an extinction or biotic crisis large-scale mass extinctions marine ambivalence in a geologically short percent large-scale major mass extinctions have significantly used… Read More