Isabel II in Exile

Wikipedia Poem, No. 967

understand ennobling forsaken;
struck down, despair; perplexed, in all.

you angels chase wilderness of blood
the rest hard-press to understand thee.

earnest of blood inters irrelevance.

i bet you can see everything you search for
the wall the well the lakes of bit blood the low aftness
crushed; perplexed, in all.

you’re not the death mirrors
the holocaust, naked child running from work
unexpected understanding, the truth you are
the death mirrors singing and ennobling
you can see everything the hard-pressed red herring.

a bit of instant low afternoon sun
hides behind a pig farmer with sophisticated emotional truth
now the watermelon sun hides behind a pig farmer naked
running from blood fixative the wall the low afternoon crushed; perplexed.

inaudacious despair; perplexed, is all.

you search for the low afternoon sun hiding behind a pig farmer
with sophisticated understated military threat of it—both ways—the wall
melts into a blanket of dead fish.

the hardness crushed; perplexed in despair;
perplexed, in front of a red house beautiful
the hard-press truth of god wildernet—the next good
the next good the hardness crushed, perplexed, in all.

you rarely find a pig farmer with this level of sophistication
today in pictures of literary devices it was not deep necessarily
the hardness of it was death which is ennobling for some
the poplar tree.

god, hard-pressed hung on the wall with a bit of blood, they got threatened
the second they stepped foot on our tarmac it was a literary
development alongside the confident wall the hardness of it all.

you angels chase wilderness: the perfect poplar tree, tallest god, the true holocaust, the most nude pig farmer running from fields of labor, the men too deep on too much information, the movies ennobling el partido de la porra prove you search for the dead on purifying force el partido you need too many angels

Against Poetry (Only Poetry Can Save America)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 863


the king's horses
relieve themselves on the peoples' road
the debut of new consumer electronics 
consider            a more 
   on      a 
less significant highway
           of mighty commercehead 
as the most 
as a poetic 
     terms of service to whom? don't be so beautiful 

or vulgar     
or certain in a time 
of agreement 
with         a 
number like
        2018 for example exclusively 
ios today
          a version 
 for       video-sharing 
      networking service 
owned by facebook inc
          created by 
ink was released 
year and 
sharp language   language 
    has          been  
most    influential more accurate 
consider the 
early    followers of facebook 
       they   were 
thick with ink  
       for years 
and mike krieger
born march 4 1986 são paulo brazil
a location most influential 
   accurate   as a road through
to      consider imagism    a road out
it rode the early 20th-century 
     mike krieger 
        and six 
       later in 
2012 a number
       poetic excretion created by 
      released by 
          secreted by facebook 
       ink it was caught 
         and released 
a year later on small intelligent devices 
20th-century and 
  six lambs 
later in 
 school as a 
movement rené taupin
dead 13 february 1981 paris 
          network prodigy 
networking most 
          on a small 
      number exclusively on 
vine roped seine 
     a pre-alpha version like
a lost venison knife 
         burned out school bus 
as a poetic 
         created by 
       ink it toward
history created by the programmers  
facebook ink 
caught and released every day like a hard drive
20th century 
of victory of panic a school bus 
a movement 
     the particular time 
     of abandoned hive
    in agreement an unplanned and rapid 



This pattern supports previous research 
which found the beneficial potential 
for humor to release negative mood scales
and replace them 
with a positive
sense of euphoria 
or elation.

Both males and females appear to benefit 
from the enjoyment 
of specific humor
when angered.


Source: Prerost, F. (1995). Sexual desire and the dissipation of anger arousal through humor appreciation; Gender and content issues. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 23, 45-52.

“Mars and Venus come back anew / They give each other mad kisses”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 749


“The people who most needed god were the people who were kept outside.” Michael Simpson

aperture propose          emphasis or another kind of trying
possibility of eurydicean seam           paris review    summer
critique    don’t get the internet started on architecture     i typed  
brutalism    and got doxxed and brained with a rock    review    summer          
slipping         flow adventure        demand    the slow concrete of 
killing everything    to achieve each other     trying      possibility 
in the court of my geode's life 
the defendant physical as salt     devices required for writing     

us three surfing on            the bouches folles of any inviting gesture
three squints high up     i said  brutalism and you were gone
          the present-sky        
          the architectural demands
          and the structurers        
to us three    she imprints

The Internet Appears in the Morning Like a Hand / Full of Cashews and Coconut Meat

Wikipedia Poem, No. 508


from your
genderlesque moiré two water suns
train invasive things

the percieved field
is most like my clause
before stolen ice cream

in order to think
like singing deploy
textbook masturbation

thighs swing
across the marketplace
air like hangman

powerful free diogenes
sidling cloud crab
then off she petals paper

dress of gauze
grazing blue-white dross
still die high in its gaze

Postmodern Sonnet

They. Who? Remixed your soul.
A name chopped past MIRAFYN
Then a number, roughly, an age?
A scratch of photos suggesting a girl. You? Too
Old. 24. We bear the weight unnaming
You of living. Who? Leave this place we will find you
Followers who know better, me
Who cannot figure out why
No better, tho I sure as hell feel it
Come to my bones.

“I so want to touch you
To your face, lips,
Can we get acquainted?”

Wikipedia Poem, No. 64

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Scenario No. 1174a

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an extinction or biotic 
large-scale mass extinctions 
	marine ambivalence 
in a geologically short 
        large-scale major mass extinctions have 
    significantly used the Earth
mass extinction rates; 
a biologically short ride, as they say
      microbial plant spectral measurements 
estimates low 
         threshold chosen for Earth such 
   an extinction 
        or biomass extinction 
rate of animal, lovely abundance
	like a gun