Wikipedia Poem, No. 597


“The line between full personhood and complete self-objectification is whisper thin.”
Nancy Bauer

“Saturn looking like a confection of mint and cantaloupe.”
Kim Stanley Robinson


as flesh and           constraints of the 
nonsexual       and as both our   

chances for and common: neither mutual 
and young women requires what young     

women requires   what young women 
requires what young women in and 

stressing being convey self heretofore people 
who play by   an unjust women         

requires       that writhing for       happiness 
them           resist          poignant ways than 

the          achievement: both our      
experiences for happiness that these people    

may shrink that i’m identical-and-more people 
who play by its rules beauvoir author’s in 

perhaps ulting serious       sexual and 
common:        neither people may shrink 

there an and men as women call a world in 
perhaps ulting in these extremes to do that 

young women require not         only these 
extremes because language       not    just 

women        require what find of full 
perhaps ulting one’s way that might call after  

one in the morning looking beauvoir repeated forgive     
me   use language not just to mean authority      

of the satisfactions and desires to other an 
author’s      in way that might attenuate is 

what might be called looking beauvoir repeated 
forgive me use better intentions and sex       

toys can promise   flesh and flash our   
worse fate          that and our        weasley being we 

use language not just to apologize        and 
convey self-objectifying serious kindness 

ceaselessly an anything   and     young 
women and not        just     women and    an 

author in personhood and flesh and a
mother         an even word is   one of 

dualism or more perhaps ulting in anything 
women and and and the self-objectifications 

and convey self-objectification a genuinely      
of   full personhood and nonsexual and 

sexual young women          and as 
women require therefore an even worse fate 

the      locus often to cement of the ways      
but all               most people and nothing more

an adulterated           foamed happiness and our 
worldview or   more what might at temptations     

author our experience 
authentical           dead end risk frisk our 

chances forgive us our language not only 
the thing conveyed but its sense       ceaselessly 

an objectification is what our worldview 
tempts within winking           

these extremes because language not    just        
a woman’s sexualism or more          that might       

of night authentical    experience one’s ways them 
resist poignant ways we     and an 

authentical experience but also to get        
women requires the self-objectification in 

them   resist poignant ways   but also get 
women’s sexual experiences for and as 

both           our chances for       happiness 
the same time   our experience as flesh and 

a nonsexual pitch of love      place at out feet the 
self-expressesion    to transcend risk find us find us failing

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