Vincent D’Onofrio

Dear Memory Erasing Itself,

You can see me, right?

Between the war on hokum and your neon grip silhouette, tall pink shadows collate humane gels.

Consistency is the universe.

Consistency is the universe, though I will not eat marmalade.

We’re a generation of men raised by women from which mold has been removed. Is another woman the answer we need from the surface?

While my batting average is extraordinary please ask yourself, after this war on hokum does your story need goblins? What does your company really stand for? Sconfitto, but figuring that out is essential—here’s how.

The large hands of Maurice Blanchot are here with us sketching in neon: The struggler against paper walls. History’s best alternative clawing at imaginary walls. Desire to eat own tail again. Consistency is the universe of short live streams from the toilet, and I’m a stone-cold snob about it.

I notice my arm shaking arterial spray all over the imaginary walls.

Kurt Cobain died seven months before Guy Debord. A danse macabre daddy’s body in the other room ripped from the headlines.

Ripped from the headlines.


Over 11 Mirrors (Chantal Akerman)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 942

the long, static sea champion
from genre protographer since les rendez-vous
spare a list of destroying championeer

by j hoberman’s
second common champion
we were women then: ten minutes
cast digital options

april first two thousand
and nine inch guide in long, vital
akerman’s most info about her
two or three thienen sound editor of cinema’s top chef
and andy warhol akerman’s jeanne dielman and hauntingly screens
her mark is and aesthetically idiosyncratic with view from genre
the routing screen

in her babette marble
out the flick, whose new contest
works the destroyer character
singular work time commerce
it’s france that inspires works of the
arch cart login and artists
like big night and director archive drowning, vital akerman

on film
on short takes
on april first two thousand
and sixteen chantal akerman
conversation provocation of little chores
in chaos is now about compassion duo
david and the moment
the decade proves which exposed impending doom
the director
or the belgian in long top uncompiled…