Explaining Alcoholism to a Christian Using a Metaphor about Photosynthesis

Wikipedia Poem, No. 787


disaster hammers

diving into memory’s wreck
reveals god an addict

produce and improve
think and civil war

come you groundbreaker
annual depending flashes of green tumble

the fruiting lift of its time
prisms individual residents

hole up at the corymb mall
the follow-up between younger pews

saint george slays
a spray of arboreal math

saint matt jolts his subjects
this isn’t the god damned lottery

This is America

Wikipedia Poem, No. 783


charms revive glass
god one quits

plague of glass or question
alternative: crashing

diamonds or questions
serenity prayer for IEDs

collect the alternative
crashing strikes itchy neighbor

very-real hand serendipitous charms
down into the glass prayer

for the alternative crashing diamonds
or question weather in the jar

full of god question
safety one can hold

one can hold god
or an imaginary boxcutter

neighbors very-real hand
serendipitous charms

question these over
diamonds lightning fine silk