Delete Facebook (Talus Against History)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 931

Sets of dice (hakata) are the quintessential Shona instruments used to divine the source of illness or personal misfortune.
Mark Zuckerberg, 2019

this leather bag acts like a quadruped
marks pebbles – usually marks pebbles
perform as sheep or goats onto the plateau at the
metropolitan museum of aphroditerraneanism and
human travel they have athenian divination as needed

since extinction is a contact sport specific to
certain extant dialects and monographic citations
since according to powerful numbers
the metropolitan museum of aphroditerraneanism
and human travel pebbles contact ice near eastern africa

the practice specific to ghost numbers mark
these pebbles – usually ruling over – usually known
and performed near eastern african archaeological sites
is africa a jewish word the scholars render their research
from the shona people of travel scrawl maps into their altarpiece

after shuffling small bones or marking pebbles – usually marked pebbles
are either religion or needed in near-eastern archaeological sites
the twin of numbers the metropolitan museum
of aphroditerraneanism and human travel considers colored circles
with letters specific to certain talus of anterior history

this interpretation randomly casts or drawns from
the dice of the shona people of the fallen museum of
pessomancy considered by letters and bones to be ruled
from the altarpiece of the shona people of sheep and random
divination of persuasions specific to certain numerical sequences

shuffle then absorb archaeological sites thus bones
symbols religion dice laid out end to end retell a story
specific hakata foretell colonial histories the metropolitan
museum of quadrupeds dashes the highwater mark
an eruption of war with letters and thrones and goats

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